Massage neck pillow in the car and on the Desk chair

Every month I order from Aliexpress new «toys» for the soul

Often experimenting with the orders, but then in the furniture store I saw a massager attached to the chair. I realized that I need it, but the price is absolutely I did not like (over four thousand).

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. Device and appearance
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Then I turned to Aliexpress. where you easily found the exact same massage neck pillow in the car on this page here.

When I bought it, it cost without the discount two thousand five hundred (I grabbed him for a thousand two hundred).

Okay, down to business. Gave me my miracle in three weeks, which is good, because usually goods with Ali come to me for a month or two).

Quality and convenience

The components of the massager: strap and wire.

The neck massager has three modes, which are virtually identical (the only difference is the speed and direction). Pleased that it is possible to configure the modes, but it’s long and boring, so I did not understand. I also want to add that the massager has a button «pause».

Unfortunately, the product does not work without a power supply, which is a huge minus, since on my desktop and so many wires, and then another pulled up. Complete confusion! There is a plug in the car cigarette lighter.

She massage neck pillow works fifteen minutes after switch on, then automatically turns off, thereby not wasting electricity, uh, cost-conscious Chinese!

Probably the most unnecessary thing in this device is the presence of magnets. They are not useful, at least to me.

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And, perhaps, the most pleasant thing this device is, of course, the massage and heating. However, specifically massage relaxes your body, but for a long time you will not stay short and back are tired from the constant cycles on it.

Device and appearance

Now about the look!

  • The massager has three small magnet.
  • Two buttons, signed in the Chinese language.
  • Body of the device soft to the touch, as if stuffed with cotton wool.
  • In the middle is mesh, under which there are six rollers.
  • Back strap for chair (well stretches).
  • Monochrome colour reminiscent of the brown, but with overflow in gold color.


In General, a massager is worth the money (one thousand two hundred rubles), hanging properly on the chair, and when I want to relax, no problem include it. I don’t regret that bought it, guests always ask me to give to borrow them, but to leave a massage pillow for neck not want and so gently refuse.

Again, bought here on Aliexpress. I recommend massager LaGuerir: Mat and cushion-cushion and magnetic posture corrector for children and adults.