Massage Mat with cushion-pillow-type Kuznetsova

Ordered massage Mat with pillow (with case) for 1183,20 rubles in may 2018 on Aliexpress here on this page.

The order was shipped the next day after ordering and came to the Republic of Karelia quickly, in just 17 days. Shipping is free, the product is monitored. It was Packed in a plastic pouch, is compact and neat.

Description massage Mat on the website, photos fully correspond to reality. The seller claims no, but communication with him was actually not. The quality of materials is good, the fabric is thick, the seams are smooth, the spikes are intact.

On the Mat, in the likeness of a massager Kuznetsova, there is Velcro on the pillow – a zipper, so you can easily remove the filler (foam) and wash. I washed in the machine, all the studs remained in place, glued strong and of high quality.

The smell of glue, stains, and other unpleasant odors there. The spikes are sharp enough for beginners to be very sensitive. First, it is better to lie in a thin t-shirt, then only use on bare skin, gradually increasing the time. The first few times even 30 seconds it was difficult to lie. Now and lie quietly for 10-15 minutes.

The Mat is perfect to lie down, sit, stand. Quite only enough Mat to massage all zones one by one, so you can save money and not buy the pillow. Especially that pillow uncomfortable shape.

Under the head I don’t like it put: high and narrow. If you buy a pillow, it is better than the standard square or rectangular shape. This pillow more comfortable to use under the neck, or not at all on purpose – I use as a foot massager.

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And for scalp massage you can also use the Mat, placing it on the cushion of twisted towels. Overall a good buy, the price is adequate. Your body will tell You «thank you» for the massage.

Again, we bought a rug here.