Massage cushion for neck Massage Pillow

My job is sedentary and is associated with the constant presence at the computer. As a result, after long hours of stress in the position sitting began to feel pain in the neck area of the neck and lower back.

Took a course of massage, felt a sense of relief, but temporary. Moreover, the massage service not cheap.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Efficiency
  4. In the car
  5. In the office

Where to buy

Therefore began to search the Internet for the massager to relieve tension in the muscles.

Saw that many people purchase the massage pillow and decided to choose the cheaper analog on a Chinese website Aliexpress. Ordered from this seller.

We bought at a discount for 1318,99 rubles. The price without discount in the store is 1,500-1,800 rubles. Ordered via Aliexpress, but the shipping is carried out from a warehouse in Moscow. The product arrived to me within 4 days.

The courier brought a package home for free. Packed product was in a zip pack. Box with a pillow in transit is not affected. Everything came intact without external damage.


After unpacking saw a beautiful massage pillow Massage Pillow cover in brown color made of thick leather. The zipper pouch. Easy to care for them and even washable. The roller mechanism is hidden under a durable airtight mesh fabric.

Dimensions of product: height-length-depth (18Х31Х10). The mechanism rotates the roller 4 (2 left and 2 right) directly involved in the impact on the needed part of the body.


The massager is quite versatile. It can be used to relieve stress, tension, good stretch, to relax and to eliminate the stagnation of blood circulation.

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This is especially true for me, because I always work in a static position. For anybody not a secret that the spine is the trunk of life! Any pinching in it prevented the normal movement of blood in our body, forming various nasty diseases and ailments.

After purchasing this wonderful assistant need to visit the massage therapist has disappeared, and I can eliminate the pain in the neck.

By the way, this product is so versatile that not only can massage the collar area, but legs, arms, back. Convenient connection from the mains (Euro plug standard). On the pillow there is a small button to start the massage mode.

Anatomical shape allows it to massage the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, without touching the vertebrae. The rotation speed is reasonable and it is enough for a successful Wellness manipulation.

After pressing the power button first rollers revolve clockwise, then against. You can enable or stop the infrared heating mode. All of these modes activates a small button located in the left upper corner of the pillow. Click on it is possible without interrupting the massage, just enough to stretch her hand.

After a hard day, hurry home to spend a 15-minute session. Feel after he markedly improved: tension and induces a state of pleasant relaxation. The pillow is very compact, simple and easy to use.

It is important to say that we should not get carried away by the massage and increase the time of exposure to a particular area, as you can hurt yourself. And even better to consult with your doctor shows you a massage at all. There are a number of diseases in which massage is absolutely contraindicated. It is necessary to take into account.

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In the car

For me as a motorist is irreplaceable! Massage pillow Massage Pillow built-in strap for fixing to the headrest of the car. Included is a cord for the cigarette lighter.

By the way, the wire is embedded in the body of the product in such a good way that during the procedure, he is not confused and does not interfere. The only thing I wish the length was a little longer.

Saves me this device when I go in the tube and a stiff neck. Featuring a miniature sized massager doesn’t take much space in the car, so it can take a long journey.

In the office

With a rubber band massage pillow Massage Pillow can be worn on the back office chair and enjoy a massage during work, and I am very happy! A couple of times I used it at lunchtime in the office looked colleague and caught me minute massage.

She tried and asked me to order her a similar product!

Testing on yourself is a modern invention health, I can recommend it to purchase. Massage cushion really copes well with its main function and helps the body to get rid of static dull pain or feeling «downtrodden» of the muscles. I hope the product will last a long time. I recommend to purchase.

Important to remember that our health is in our hands! Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Still I can recommend massager LaGuerir: Mat and cushion-pillow and ATWFS — ozonizer and air purifier.