Massage cushion for neck and back

Massage cushion with Aliexpress attracted to my husband long ago. Been tracking the price, waiting for discounts. And waited. Ordered a pillow for 1 634,72 of the ruble. The delivery was carried out by the IML service. The courier brought the order right to the door of the apartment in 10 days. Take on this page here at the shop well Car cleaning Accessories Store.

The packaging claims was not. Box with pillow was Packed in bubble wrap.

Inside the box was the pillow, plug adaptor with Euro plug and adapter for the operation of the cushion from the cigarette lighter in the car. Instruction not included. But in General it is not a necessity.

The contents

  1. How to use
  2. Quality
  3. Mount

How to use

Operation is quite simple. And the pictures on the box and accompanying inscriptions in English will completely replace the user manual.

Based on these, the pillow can be used to massage different body parts: neck, back, waist, abdomen, legs. She promises warming areas massaged with infrared light and an alternative to manual massage.

Its cushion is a massage device with a size of 30 X 21 cm Is in the case of a material Golden brown color similar to the skin.


The case is made qualitatively, no loose threads, uneven seams, etc. On the perimeter of the case zips open. If you open it, inside will find two massage heads, inserted in a rigid frame made of foam.

On each of the heads are of four different roller sizes. The material of the cover, directly tight massage heads, similar to the tight knit grid.

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On the back of the cushion there is a wide elastic band for fastening to the headrest of the car. When using at home, it can help to fasten it on the back of a chair or couch.

After critical period of operation, I can say that the pillow is worth the money. We use the house regularly. Nicely stretches and warms the massaged area of the body.

Accordingly, locally improves blood circulation. Of course, the pad will not replace a full massage, but she’s not. To buy such a pillow on Aliexpress by clicking on this link. Pleasant massage!

P. S. I Recommend at the same time the applicator Kuznetsova with Ali and apparatus Beurhaworking on the principle of supply of electric impulses to the muscles. It is possible and to lose weight and to build muscles.