Mask-cream MEI KING from acne

Once again, fleeing from the scourge of pimples, I was looking for a magical tool in the vast Aliexpress and found the cream-mask from the famous Chinese cosmetic brand Mei king with a huge number of good reviews and impressive photos of the «before» and «after».

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality of cosmetics
  3. The use and results
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

At the time of purchase mask cost about 10$, which is not cheap for cosmetic products on this site, but have a high product rating, number of reviews and eloquent promises seduced me to buy it on Aliexpress here on this page.

When buying used the coupon seller, so I saved 2$. My package I waited about 1,5 month in Ukraine, but until the mask cream MEI KING was in the way — I managed to get rid of acne, but failed to overcome acne (don’t press the pimples!).

The mask came regular mail, well Packed in bubble wrap and sealed in mica, the set was spoon for ease of application. The quality of packaging at the highest level, so nothing got broken and not raining, everything came in perfect condition.

The quality of cosmetics

Now I want to talk a little bit about the product, MEI KING:

  • The product is in a sturdy plastic jar with a screw lid, which is not particularly hygienic, but very comfortable;
  • mask only natural ingredients ( extract of comfrey, extract of Sophora, an extract of the bark of Phellodendron);
  • great dries new inflammation and fights acne (when used regularly);
  • struggling with black dots (weakly);
  • has a pleasant aroma and texture;
  • little consumption of resources.
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The use and results

How do I use the mask MEI KING from acne for best results:

In the evening, on clean, steamed face, apply and massage a thin layer of the product, after 15-20 minutes wash every 2-3 days.

The first results are noticed after two weeks. My surprise knew no bounds when the ill-fated marks from acne slowly began to lighten and shrink in size. It was a shock, because up to this mask, nothing worked, even the high-grade acid.

In General, after 2 months of fighting with traces of acne, my face was cleansed and I was not ashamed to go out without makeup. Now I use this mask MEI KING once a week to maintain the effect and the appearance of new acne on face and back.


I would have never thought that the Chinese can make such high quality and effective product, plan to order another jar of mask cream for acne husband. Again, bought this makeup at the official representative of the brand on Aliexpress here.