Mascara Lux visage XXL super amount

On Aliexpress website product description Smart! his very praise and promise stable and beautiful effect. Whether so it actually? I decided to check it out.

The contents

  1. A little about the product
  2. First impression
  3. Useful ink Delicious Dramatic Decision, really?
  4. Opinion
  5. Pros
  6. Cons
  7. Video

A little about the product

Before you start, you need to get acquainted with the product. According to the source item has

  • weighs 10g;
  • has a shelf life of up to 03.2020;
  • manufacturer — China;
  • price 50 UAH/100 RUB.;
  • shipping from Aliexpress 30-31 day;
  • the color of the liquid: black.

First impression

Mascara Lux visage XXL super amount delivered in exactly 30 days, pretty fast given that some orders may not come for two months. Bought on Aliexpress on this page.

Product came in black and pink rectangular box with the name of the mascara and cosmetic company. Raspaculo was pretty easy and fast.

Is shaped like is not a very long thick stick, the plain. On the bottle on black background pink says «Delicious Dramatic Decision» , and below the name of the company is Very pleased and its symbolism.

To Unscrew the lid had a little bit of effort. The brush spreads the fluid is a good indicator.

Overall, first impression was good.

Useful ink Delicious Dramatic Decision, really?

Enjoy this lovely thing for the second week.

The ink Was lengthens and gives a small amount, usually do not fray, but this instance was seen as black dots under the eyes, maybe it was an accident. Of course, after the rain on the cheeks will remain large dark stripes.

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Because before going out I always wear eyeliner, I use this product every day. During this time it became clear what are the pros and cons of mascara.



  1. A good, classic shape, small size;
  2. Easy brush — creates; a small amount of the eyelash, every eyelash dye;
  3. Excellent quality from a reputable company;
  4. Fully suitable for its price, a good budget option.


  1. Lashes often stick together;
  2. Very bad moves water;
  3. There was a «Panda effect», but only once.
  4. Brush no bends, not very comfortable to paint.

Do I recommend this mascara? It all depends on Your preferences.

I treat this product in a neutral, not to say that the product I was pleased.

But for girls who are accustomed to curved brushes, graceful forms of the bottle, liquid and 3D or 4D effect this product in cosmetics will result in a shock.

And, here, for people with limited finances this option is well suited for weekdays — nothing calling.

Overall I would recommend this mascara because it is perfect for the budget buyer.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend myself makeup brushes Maange, lipstick brand MissRose and a hydrophilic oil to clean the face Soonpure is generally a must-have for every woman, from section of «must Have».