Markers for sketching TOUCH NEW

This summer I enrolled in sketching is gaining popularity in our days, a technique of creating quick and simple designs in the style of graffiti.

Many people use sketching as a replacement of the photograph: its main idea is to make an outline here and now, to capture important moment not only in the head but also on paper.

For this type of creativity do not have to be good at drawing. But if you want to develop yourself in this direction, you will need the right art materials.

In the beginning of my career, one of the friends of the artists advised me to acquire a special TOUCH alcohol markers NEW. According to her, they are a great alternative to watercolor pencils, and paints, because they do not need to undermine or dilute in water. Besides, the colors are more saturated, and the process of drawing faster and easier.

Listening to her advice, I went on AliExpress and have found there is a huge selection of all kinds of pens, outliners, and markers. My choice fell on the Korean brand TOUCH NEW.

The contents

  1. Range
  2. Shipping and packaging
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality
  5. Summary


To determine the set of colors and number of markers for sketching was not so easy. A choice of kits from 30 to 80 pieces, and a palette of colors gathered in such areas as «anime», «fashion design», «interior design», «architecture», «animation», etc. (total 204 colors). I stopped at a set of «landscape-60», at a cost of 1900 rubles. Ordered here on this page.

Shipping and packaging

The seller sent the order in two days Express shipping transport company SDEK. Time of delivery to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug took a little over two weeks.

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The package I took myself, via local delivery point. The set was Packed in an air tight package that saved the contents from damage. The markers themselves are in beautiful black case with a handle (convenient to take with you on walks and on trips).


As a gift the seller put a capillary black and white gel pens (to draw «borders» of the sketches and create a visual glare), and blender is alcohol based — with its help you can mix colors and get new, and also to make smooth, semi-transparent transitions from one shade to another.

Unfortunately, both pens wrote bad, so this «gift» can be considered useless and be disposed of safely in a bucket. In addition, the kit includes a special table — «palette» for the ratio of colors, numbers and names of the marker.


Finally, turn to yourself «wonder pens» for sketching TOUCH NEW.

For more convenient work each of them has two feathers. Slim pen-brush to work out the details (very small fragments to draw will be difficult, as in places the paint is badly faded) and pen-chisel for painting large elements of the picture.

Square case shape avoids sliding of the markers with the work surface. Some of them «polecat», some too spread out, so we have to work carefully.

If you paint on thin paper, be prepared for the fact that the paint is imprinted on the other side of the sheet, but it dries quickly and does not smear.

The colors correspond to the description given by the seller, after application to the paper, they are a little fade, but not critical. The caps sit very tightly, allowing the markers to stay in good condition and not dry. So, when you order you get:

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  • Case-bag;
  • Set of alcohol markers;
  • White gel pen;
  • Black capillary pen;
  • Blender;
  • Table-palette.


I can’t say that these markers are ideal for sketching, but with the task they are coping well.

Yes, they have minuses, but, for me, they are not of much importance, if you learn how to work with them. Price fully justify the quality, so with clear conscience I can call this a best buy. Creative you success!

Again, bought tokens for sketching TOUCH NEW on Aliexpress here.