MAPED pencils — set of 48 colors

Today I would like to do a review on colored pencils Maped company.

I love to draw, so constantly continue the search of good quality materials. Not to say that what I bought and want to cover in this review, the height of luxury, but for a Amateur like me — very well.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Softness
  4. Fluorescent
  5. Stylus
  6. The design and wood
  7. Conclusion
  8. Video

Where to buy

I ordered a set of colored pencils Maped for 48 pieces in the package on Aliexpress. To buy the same is possible here.

I ordered a long time ago, around last fall, 2018, but I think the information is quite relevant, and therefore useful.

The main points that I would like to touch on to the review: price and duration of delivery.

  1. I bought these colored pencils set for about 9-11 dollars, with my course on the country’s currency. Well, to say that a pencil is cheap, of course, impossible, but expensive this product, I would not call. Average, quite a reasonable price.
  2. Gave me my pencils Maped for a month, roughly, which is also quite good.


So, the review would like to start with one of the most important, in my opinion, criteria for the selection of pencils: soft.


Perhaps due to the fact that the first time I ordered something semi-professional, not kids (the other in my town can’t find) I’m a little biased, but I thought these pencils Maped brand is very good!

With good sharpening and moderate pressure, the color is distributed very evenly.


I bought the set, where, in addition to the various colors of the palette, there are four fluorescent (the color reminds me of the marker and if not to get accustomed, it is possible for him to make), pencil, and silver and gold.

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Softness of fluorescent me at first a little confused, as they were much harder than everyone else, but, logically thinking, we can understand that the brightness of the colors in them and so enough.

And it is for brightness and meets the degree of softness of a slate pencil. Softness in gold and silver shades, nothing unusual I noticed was not it’s gentle enough for drawing, as, indeed, and others.


The pencil from Maped. About the stylus to talk to me too is not necessary: the size and initial sharpening to meet the standards. Except that on the box there is a note about «nanomemory» and excellent sharpening through sharpener. But I think it depends on the owner: how to store and how to sharpen each decides for himself.

The design and wood

The quality of the wood can be attributed more to sharpening, so dwelling on it doesn’t make sense.

The Maped. What can you say about this: the coloring of the case does not match the color of the stylus. This is seen immediately: take a dark color, such as dark blue, almost black, if you believe the color of the body of the pencil, and gets the color of a stormy sky.

A bit annoying, but you can suffer, to adapt, too. Especially when you consider the decision maker to leave the tip of the stylus from the rear of the pencil open. Helps.

The next quality is brightness. Already mentioned a bit about this before, but still, I would like to mention is the quality again. Pencils Maped bright in every sense and perfect like the picture only the rising sun, and for writing the night sky. The variety of colors within the capabilities of the set 48 color pencils.

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And finally: the packaging is also quite an important component, by the way. The cardboard I describe much will not, because the hardness and toughness he never did (reaction to accidentally spilled the water: a hunched posture, rough and a small stretch of surface, anywhere the water), but the internal components to describe worth.

Inside are two compartments 24 each pencil. I think this is quite necessary and very useful, especially if you love to paint outdoors or anywhere where you can easily lose need a pencil: with these compartments, you will always know how many grams you took, and whether they are in place.


Thus, the set I’m quite happy with, as well as the brand Maped. Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also advise for creative people a picture by numbers and a set of drawing tools — Earser.