After blown my miniature Led lamp and shellac have firmly settled on my nails, there is an urgent need to buy new. The first thing I looked for it on Aliexpress. And eye I came across a «starter» kit for application of gel varnishes COSCELIA, which included the lamp, here’s a direct link Ali.

Ordered it for 1300 rubles. I think that this is very beneficial, as one bulb would cost almost the same. Delivery is free by regular mail. There was a parcel of about 3 weeks.

Set COSCELIA is all that will be useful when working with gel lacquers:

The contents

  1. Lamp for drying 36W UV/LED
  2. Back in the kit
  3. Tools for manicure

Lamp for drying 36W UV/LED

The lamp stylish design: glossy white casing, the streamlined shape. But most importantly, functionality.

There are three modes: 60 sec. 120 sec., infinity. They are toggled by a single button located on the top. I use the fastest option – 60 sec. and this for the complete drying is enough.

The advantages also include the fact that, despite the small size, you can dry all five fingers of one hand. The LEDs are arranged around the perimeter, not just the top. Thanks to UV LED technology, you can use any type of gel varnish.

To the lamp from a set of COSCELIA supplied long USB wire that can be connected to computer or via adapter to a wall outlet. Included adapter no!

Back in the kit

  • The base and top cover. It is difficult to assess their quality, as usually I use the original CND. The base seemed watery when applied all the time spreading in the corners. I liked that top sticky layer.
  • 8 gels of different colors of the company Coscelia. Was very well Packed, arrived intact and completely filled. Every bottle of black color to protect from UV rays, with a volume of eight ounces.
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The seller sent the colors that I specified in the order. If you do not write, we will send at its own discretion. I have mostly pastel shades. Seemed very «thick» in consistency. To put these difficult, but just one or two layers for a full color.

Tools for manicure

  • Metal tweezers surprised by the good quality and sharpness. Coped even with my hard nails. Also, the set includes a brush off a «trim» tool to remove the cuticle, pusher and separator nails.
  • Nail files with different abrasiveness (100/180 2 pieces, 1 piece 150/150) and the buff for polishing the nail.
  • The cuticle oil. My «must-have». Very easy to apply (felt tip brush), smells good (the scent of lilies) and the visible effect.
  • Stickers & rhinestones nail art

I was lucky with the stickers, as the seller COSCELIA sends them on their choice, and many get the «kids». And came to me very nice. To use them you need to wet with water.

The crystals I often use in my manicure, so superfluous will not be. Complete straziki different colors 20-30 pieces.

The set also had three versions of the stencil to create the French manicure. They have not yet been used.

  • Glue for rhinestones.
  • Wipes for removing gel Polish. Total 20 pieces. My life hack is to use instead of foil bags of wipes.
  • The instructions for use.

Purchase I was very happy, because for the price of one bulb I got the whole set to create a manicure.

In COSCELIA set has everything you need to start, and then suggest to buy a liquid to remove gel Polish and other base and top for longer lasting coverage. Otherwise, I definitely recommend a set to buy. Again, took on Aliexpress here.

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