Makeup brushes Maange

This product I purchased in July of this year, Maange official store. The seller is a very responsible person, the order took 3 days through day 34 of the brush I had. Total: 37 days, relatively short for Aliexpress. And now about the product.

The contents

  1. Quality and case
  2. Set
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Quality and case

Set of makeup brushes: externally, the case for brushes and the brushes look good. Brushes I use for 5 months and they look the same as when you first use, ie remained in «safe and sound».


The kit includes:

  • brush for eyebrows;
  • eyebrow brush;
  • small and big rosy brush;
  • brush for applying powder;
  • brush for the eyelids;
  • and brush to create a makeup base.

By the way, I recommend before applying new layers of creams, powders and age, clean face product Soonpure.

The material from which the brush is made of very high quality, pleasant to the skin, it water is easily washed off any makeup. Brush no thinning, which speaks of their quality performance.


This is the first brush that are «live» I have more than 3 months. I bought them for 195 rubles and was very pleased.

Nice to shop in a store like this where the seller is a responsible person and knows his business. Product 5/5, very happy with this product and shop, would recommend to order. Again, bought on Aliexpress here at the official representative of the brand Maange.


This is not my video, it’s just a video from YouTube about the brand Maange, which is actually known in the West as «pumped» companies like Morning etc their popularity is only gaining momentum.

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