Magnetic wooden puzzle for children

Hello, my opinion about children’s educational magnetic Board MINOCOOL. Bought it on Aliexpress store Pink Toy Store for $ 20 here. Delivered by Mail Russia in Veliky Novgorod Novgorod region over the 3 weeks.

The contents

  1. The age of the child
  2. Equipment
  3. Use
  4. Conclusion

The age of the child

Toy «Magnetic puzzle» is suitable for children over three years, as it has a lot of small parts that baby can swallow.

I bought this Board daughter three years old, but she was interested as the older six year old son and one year old child (under supervision, of course).


What’s included:

  • wooden double sided Board (one side magnetic field, with another field for chalk drawing);
  • a lot of magnetic items — Puzzles (like geometric shapes, and body parts of men, animals);
  • black marker for drawing with the eraser tip;
  • sponge to erase from the Board;
  • owner with build options images;
  • a set of crayons.

Parts are collected in a small wooden box, which also establishes the Board. You can put it in three convenient locations.

When we traveled to another city by car, the road was quite long, about 3.5 hours, we took the mosaic, which certainly helped. It does not take much space and too much children.


Magnetic toy has different functions. White magnetic Board you can draw with the special markers to make different pictures of the figures. On the black side you can draw with crayons.

At first the children tried to copy the pictures from the instructions, and then started making a mosaic of their stories. Details a huge number and they give scope for creativity.

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Children learn geometric shape puzzles, colors, train attentiveness, fine motor skills, develop logical thinking, imagination. The game is exciting and fun. For kids for litter on the floor is better to use a special color Mat.

Daughter three years still doesn’t understand how to assemble according to the instructions, but the hint can attach parts to your seat. Son — six-year-old happily collects the book, and invents himself as to collect all sorts of men, animals, dreams, composes stories.

Little one-year-old son loves to watch how seniors play, likes to shoot the details Pazle from the Board and he tries to stick them back, but he is not always successful.

You can teach him words, pointing at the assembled picture. But be sure that the kid was supervised, because the most interesting for him to stick the item in your mouth.


Toy MINOCOOL has many merits, flaws in it I did not find suitable for children of different ages, so the purchase would recommend. Once again, take on this page on Aliexpress.

Can also recommend the soft block set of 81 details and toy QWZ of the 110 parts.