Magnetic child lock

This review will be useful and interesting for mothers of young children who learn about the world. It is very important that moms had everything under control and so I will tell you about the magnetic locks for drawers from children.

I have come across with the purchase of the snaps, what the child has learned to open almost immediately, and others not at all facades to install. Namely, the magnetic locks have been a lifesaver for me.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Set of equipment and quality
  3. How it works

Where to buy

Custom made from this seller on «AliExpress «, there you can see the video and find out the dimensions of the parts.

Took first set of four pieces, which cost me six months ago to 440 rubles (discount price). Then he bought because I liked. Expensive? Say It’s worth it! All depends on the configuration, for example a set of 8 pieces with two keys will cost 890 rubles.

Delivery to the Kaliningrad region was not long, about a month.

Set of equipment and quality

Complete locking devices were 4 parts with hooks and 4 with slots, 1 magnetic key, and «logs» to store this key, is another detail that is not handy to me (I do not understand what it is).

Even though it is all made of plastic and glued on double-sided tape, but is held so tightly that the child constantly tugging the door,and could not tear and even break them. And this speaks to the durability of plastic and the «tape».

How it works

The principle of operation of child lock is as follows: when the hook is in the upper position, when closing the door or drawer, and it clings to the groove of the other part, due to this is locking.

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If you hold the magnetic key to the lock, the hook drops into the bottom position and it will be possible to open the door.

At first it seems not very convenient every time you attach a magnet, but you get used to it, and anytime you can lower the tongue down and the door will not be closed. To install them is not difficult, I did it myself.

This is the best we got from the kids that I have seen! To pluses I can add that does not deteriorate the appearance of the facades of furniture, the key can be stored on any metal surface that is magnetic.

With such a locking system cabinets do not need every time to put on shelves scattered things and you can protect the contents of the drawers from the little guy. Again, bought here on Aliexpress.

By the way, I can still recommend baby clipper GL. And anyone with a small child at home it is necessary that such infrared thermometer. See more reviews in the section FOR CHILDREN.