Magnetic chess with Fishing Tackle Shop

Buy quality game chess set in the middle price category, has proved more challenging than I thought first. In the end I settled on the kit from the store ice sea Fishing Tackle Store for 29 euros.

Before ordering spoke to the consultant of the store with a question about the exact size of the figures — for I measured the smallest, here’s the link to the store seller with different options:

The image is clickable, click on it to enlarge to full size

Ordered in November 2017, was brought to Moscow in 4 weeks and 3 days. Used the standard free shipping Aliexpress, track tracked almost immediately, updated often. Parcel received in good condition, no damages or scratches, it was Packed to the conscience.

The set includes a game Board and a standard set of shapes with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 36 cm
  • Width: 31 cm
  • The height in the expanded «working» as: 2.2 cm
  • Queen height: 72 mm, pawns: 49 mm

Inside the box is covered with a soft cloth figures are laid out in two soft bag, which was convenient for storage. The kit is made of plastic, however, the seller claimed wood inserts, but I have not found them.

Beautiful figures, classic design, without unnecessary bells and whistles and sharp parts that are stable and nice to handle. Horses have a present mood, the muzzle friendly.

The Board in folded form resembles a wooden box and looks nice on the bookshelf.

I bought the game to children, so the main selection criteria was durability. And I definitely made the right decision. Box trampled, dropped, and even kicked — marks on the case left. Figure difficult not to scratch or break, but even to chew.

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Clasp is strong and not sticky, holds well and is not shaken.

Chess stated as magnetic, but magnets or not, or they are very weak. The picture from the seller the chess Board is slanted and figures in this position, hold, as my magnets only enough so they do not slip on the Board. To play the train okay, but to hang on the wall and will not play.

Another disadvantage is that the figures are not weighted according to their formal value in the game, but since this is not a tournament set, this disadvantage is negligible.

Overall I and my players happy with the purchase and play with pleasure.

Where to buy: I bought on Aliexpress here. You can use my link or search for other sellers on the request of Ali, there are so many options.