Machine to remove seeds from cherries

Our grandmother, a huge cherry orchard, and every year a huge harvest of this fruit.

Cooking cherries jam, stewed fruit, refrigerate them, roll them in their own juice. But all this is overshadowed by the fact that seed need to get the bones. Sometimes I do not even want to collect them because the prospect to take the bones of each fetus are not happy. Usually we do it with pins, or just hands, as someone comfortable.

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Where to buy

I was happy when I saw on the site a device for taking stones from cherries. I honestly didn’t believe that it’s something really current, but decided to try to buy.

Bought for 8.5$ on Aliexpress here on this page, fully realized product for three weeks in Minsk by mail.


Machine to remove the bones is a plastic housing with a compartment for seeds and a piston.

All are made of plastic, plastic is smooth, not very thick, but not thin. In principle, the car looks reliable, there is no suggestion that it will fall apart at the first use.

To assemble the device is simple, only need to insert the piston with spring into the housing. On the bottom of the case has a special suction Cup. With a lever suction Cup secures the entire structure to the table, allowing her not to move and not jump on the table.

Before starting work, to a chute, from which rolled out the cherries already pitted, we should turn the bowl.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation is that is filled with a handful of cherries to the Department for berries, they are one themselves falling into the gutter, and at this time the piston is pressed.

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A small knife that is at the end of the piston pushes the bone from the cherries, and the bowl falls purified berry. The plunger you need to push it hard enough.

In the end, a bucket of cherries was cleared in 40 minutes! Spray around have clean hands. The result is excellent.


With this device you can remove from the cherries, olives. In General, the machine worthy, copes with its function.

Of the shortcomings — a little bit noisy. Again, bought here on Aliexpress. I can also recommend silicone molds for baking pancakes and nozzles pastry baking.