Machine for shaving Double Edge Qshave

Going a few years ago on a disposable machine tools for shaving, I noticed that every year the quality just deteriorated. So when my wife asked me what to give on February 23, I wanted a real razor. The choice fell on the razor «Qshave».

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The packing and quality
  3. Blade
  4. Shave and a conclusion

Where to buy

In view of the practical absence of high-quality machines, the T-shaped form, decided to order from the official website of Aliexpress here.

The machine came in twenty-five days after the order in the city of Barnaul, which is very fast for the Altai territory, at a cost of 820 rubles. Free shipping. Discounts on merchandise, when ordering, was not. Sealed well, inside the package wrapped in soft foam. When forwarding, not what not to get crushed and not broken.

The packing and quality

Razor is retractable, black cardboard box with the logo «Qshave» that can be used for storage in between shaves. In ten months of use the box is not collapsed and has the same form as when purchased.

The machine itself is metal, black, T-shaped. The handle is grooved, so that, in wet hands, the machine will not rotate. The weight of the razor is heavy, which gives confidence. Metal no visible humps and bumps.


Included is a set of blades in the amount of 5 pieces and brush for cleaning the machine after shaving. Blade sharpening quality. Shaving 3, 4 times a week set will last for 5 months. Setting and changing of the blades takes place by opening the top cover in the form of two valves, the rotation of the ring on the handle. This system is called «butterfly». The mechanism of rotation of the shaving machine «Qshave» light. When you open or anything doesn’t scroll and is not jammed.

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Shave and a conclusion

The process of shaving, after the transition from single-machine must produce with care. The first few treatments, I had to cut. In the future, the skin used, the cuts disappeared. Shaving is best done on a steamed or softened skin. The choice of gel or shaving cream remains with the consumer. Can you recommend a clipper hair battery company Pritech iTrimmer, I like it very much.

Qshave is a quality, beautiful, modern shaving machines, without significant drawbacks. Better to buy on the official website of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here. If you suddenly open the page of the seller with the goods, and not specifically with this product, just type in the search Qshave and click the «Search this store» on Ali.