Longbo women’s watch with ceramic strap

Only I decided to write a review on your favorite watch, Longbo ceramic band, as they crashed. Could not stand another fall. Granite was stronger.

Moreover, they are still coming, but the chip on the dial is visible and spoils the appearance. Crashed also one link of the strap. But my loss made the review even more useful, the following will tell you why.

I bought a watch for$ 10 months ago on Aliexpress here. Since then the price has almost not changed. The order came within a month. For receipt of the shipment went to the post office with a passport.

The watch was tightly packaged in a special box and bubble wrap. Unfortunately, the box got lost somewhere. In General, the packaging is robust and allows to deliver the goods in safe and sound.

The strap on the watch, Longbo long for average hands. Carried in a workshop for 200 rubles removed unnecessary links. If the fall damage is only the strap, it would be possible to replace the broken links.

The seller claims that the watch strap is made of ceramics. In fact, breaking one link today, I was convinced. In Skole you can see the structure of the material. And really, like the ceramics, not plastic.

No functional bells and whistles are not. Just watch. Stylish. Look more expensive its price. Rhinestones instead of numbers are not annoying and do not add «alapitasi».

Have served well during these six months. Even the battery had to be changed. Go exactly I do not remember that I wrote them down.

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The manufacturer claims that the watch is water-resistant. With full confidence I can’t confirm that. But a few times I washed my hands without taking off the watch. On the health and appearance of hours is not affected.

Hours Longbo were very happy and planned to continue to wear them. Thinking now. Probably going to have the same model here on Aliexpress here on this page.