Lintratek amplifier for mobile communications GSM

Ordered for 4186 RUB the top brand Lintratek.

I ordered the product from China here on this page Aliexpress with shipping pay for 1800 postal service, e-EMS, and not from Russia (from Russia more expensive).

Despite this, the parcel arrived quickly enough by the standards of Aliexpress, for only 20 days. The item is fully tracked at all points. Box was not dented and all the equipment was in good condition.

In addition, the cable even more added instead of 10 meters was 13 meter, for that special thank you.

The contents

  1. Installation
  2. In the work
  3. Antenna


Installed the mast at 12 meters. The kit was accompanied by instructions in English and Chinese, but even so it was clear the pictures in the instructions. So set fast enough.

In the area where I live worked only MegaFon 2G. The repeater lit up immediately, the antenna is directed in one direction and the phone immediately showed the Beeline 2G(3G), mobile 2G(3G), MegaFon 2G(3G), while the MegaFon 3G did not work — load is, and no discharge, but it turned out there was a problem, the operator just need to contact the salon with this problem and will help you.

In the work

There is one significant detail, the repeater has two divisions: the top is the 3G, 2G and lower. I have lit only the lower division, but the work is not affected.

And yet, as I think Lintratek GSM antenna is not powerful enough, because if the weather is overcast, rain or snow, the connection drops to 2G or even disappears.

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All three tower operators can find me on the average distance is 25 km and MegaFon all of the division of communications, MTS 4 division, but Beeline had problems: the relationship jumped from 0 to 3 divisions.

Well, actually a repeater no problems.

It is in itself very powerful. As we have no complaints about the PSU because everything works almost 247 for 3 months and nothing was burned. And this despite the fact that we have periodically turned off the electricity.


With regard to the internal antenna, the range of the emissions when only 3.5 meters, which is actually not very much because the whole house is not enough.

And it’s very sad, so the Internet all sitting in the same room. In principle, the technique no major complaints, except for a weak antenna.

For reference: it is very important when you select repeater below in the description it says «for Russia» or the names of our mobile operators.

Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here.