Liners, Sakura Pigma Micron

Like to all the familiar bullet journal, which I always write it with the liner, not the usual gel pens.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Ease of filling in the bullet journal
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

In my town it is very hard to find these, and analogues are worth about 120 rubles for one piece. First, I bought the company Staedtler. The quality is very similar to mine, they are easy to find, but the tip of a pen I broke down after a couple of months. It was unpleasant.

I decided to try the most famous in my opinion Sakura Pigma Micron. Watched a lot of reviews and decided to order.

Pigma Micron liners are more than a month, for me they are perfect. I write them in a Moleskine notebook (paper weight 70 g/m2). They almost don’t Shine, especially those that are thinner. We bought a set on Aliexpress on this page here.


Dry immediately after writing, no need to wait and be afraid that you can smear the ink. You can immediately select the token colors don’t mix. I tried to trace one word a few times — proved to be good began to Shine through with only 7-8 times. Is a huge plus.

In a set of liner Sakura was 7 liners of different thicknesses: 005, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 08. Color — black.

In my opinion the thickness is slightly different from the brand Faber-Castell. So if you are not sure to order the right thickness, take a set, you will not regret. But in an extreme case, the difference is not so noticeable, strong is not important.

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An example of thickness of each of them is in the photo. «08» I like the fact that it is thick enough for headlines, but not so fat that the text seemed heavy and bulky.

I use mostly 02 and 03. But I like to have a choice. Moreover, seven of the handles are 9.5 in$ (about 600 rubles). That is one out of about 86 rubles. The savings are quite tangible.

Ease of filling in the bullet journal

The cap sits tight, closes with a click. Keep a pen handy. I own Sakura micron write much nicer than ball point pens. Done efficiently, the inscriptions are not erased, the material is nice the hand.

Very happy with the design: the liner does not look gaudy on my Desk, discreet design. Look expensive. Of all the liners that I bought a Pigma design I liked the most.

Now a very popular topic with bullet journal. So if you are addicted to it, then grab it. Ordinary ballpoint pens do not give the same effect although are not much cheaper.

Typically, the liners last a long time. I have none of the set of Sakura Pigma Micron is not over, although I write a lot.


Advantages of liner Sakura:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • appearance;
  • don’t Shine;
  • not lubricated.

Cons find and could not.

Bought for 8.5$, the product came in 10 days to Nizhny Novgorod by ordinary mail. Delivery is very fast for store. If you’re lucky, can run into the action, they often are. Again, bought these liners here on Aliexpress.

Outliners, Sakura Pigma Micron is ideal for your money. It is unlikely I will try the others as these have been absolutely sure. Do not want to change anything. I can also recommend a set of drawing tools Earser and markers-markers TouchFive.

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