Lights flash for smartphone JOYTOP

In order to make better and more crisp photos on your phone in conditions of twilight or even darkness, I was puzzled to find a good backlight, which is also called an external flash.

For anybody not a secret that not always the camera’s built in flash provides a good frame. Often it illuminates the person or makes the too «white.» After a long search, my choice fell on this store JoyTop.

He was chosen on three criteria: first, there is a high rate of approval of the customers. Second, a large number of orders and the availability of photographs (I do not like to wait for the cats in a bag), well, as a nice bonus, free shipping.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Quality
  3. Ease of use
  4. Mount
  5. Conclusion


It is available in three colors: white, black and pink. I chose the pink. The cost amounted to 5.7 $ (370 rubles). To Murmansk the parcel came 20 days by regular mail, which I consider pretty fast for Aliexpress.

Ring selfie was Packed in a cardboard box and bubble wrap, all that was in the envelope. On the way the goods are no damage received. The kit includes a directly light-flash of the ring, usb cord for charging and a small instruction.

As a gift the seller put a red thread bracelet on the hand. Quite a nice change.


The backlight is made soundly, made of thick plastic. No unpleasant odor no. While using (11 months) never cracked and not broken.

The spring with which the device is attached, resilient and reliable.

I liked that in two places where the ring fits in the cut-out glued lining of soft rubber is not deteriorated and do not scratch the phone. This is especially important because the product adheres to the screen too. Ring size 8.5-8.5 cm In thickness, given a clothespin attachment, about 3 cm Almost weightless, I didn’t weigh, and the seller indicated 43 grams.

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Ease of use

The power button is on the back, while selfies include convenient. There are three modes of illumination (smallest to largest). Accordingly, to switch you have to press the button one to three times. Light bulbs (LEDs) are small and bright, 36 in total.

Most often I used the flash for sarthana the first mode and don’t really like bright light. For gentle pictures even in a dark room without additional lighting is normal.

If you want brighter and more grab out of the darkness, it’s easy to do additional clicks. The backlight works perfectly, all of the claimed functions are performed. With continuous use the charge lasts for 40-45 minutes.

Charged via usb and your base quickly. For all the time use had no faults, problems or burnt bulbs — still works fine.


The ring is mounted on any model of phone I have tried on the slim Samsung and Xiaomi, and on the thicker body of the IPhone.

By the way, it can be used not only on phones on tablets and laptops cover is also well attached and successfully used. In principle, a universal clip and I think it can be used anywhere and for any shots.


I bought the cheaper ring helps and helps take good pictures. Flash phone I now no longer use. For those looking for a similar thing, I highly recommend.

The ratio price-quality is adequate, no unpleasant surprises there, and the delivery was fast. Again, bought this light for camera phone here on this page on Aliexpress.

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Still I can recommend overhead lenses for smartphone or tablet Akinger and the stabilizer of X-CAM.