Lighter IMCO 6700 stainless steel

Bought on Aliexpress here for 8.35$ plus shipping is 2.95$. Total — 11.30 the$ 750 a penny in terms of rubles.

About IMCO lighter — mint condition because it was taken as a gift, and the photo was taken at the same time. From what I have seen — smooth silver color, sturdy construction, weighty enough.

In short, about material — stainless steel, no doubt.


Engraved on the reverse side, with the name and country of the manufacturer-Austria (well, we, you know..). The original is in the hands not kept, but the photo looks familiar, and a comparing live confirm this.

Was a little present (pictured), to be honest, don’t really know what it’s for. Many people in the comments reported additional wick — I didn’t have one.

Fueling, spark, and to use

About the use of Imco: the guy refueled with gasoline, the spark beaten out quickly, burns well. Tried outside, in the harsh North-West wind stood firmly.

Gasoline enough for occasional use for about a week, is enough. Not loose, not bugs, gaps or wobbly parts no.

Separately, about packing for lighter Imco Triplex: there was a package, inside is lined with some bubble wrap (bubble film) and a box of cardboard. Lighter with all the desire of postal workers would not be able to break even on the box not a single dent. The box looks solid enough, there’s also a velvety coating, such as jewelry stores, for gift is very suitable.

Shipping company CDEK, this is never mentioned, but it was nice. Shows that the seller cares about the comfort of its buyers. The parcel was tracked from the beginning to the end. Upon arrival courier stopped ringing, warned in advance how much it will drive up and arrived at the appointed time, directly to the entrance, very convenient. Waiting for the parcel for 20 days, exactly what for the aliexpress very good result.

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The results can tell the overall rating of the product is good (4,8), all orders on the product page — 46. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. Can still advise vaping mod Fuchai and slush to him Aramax, more flavour, more stylish and safer than classic cigarettes.