Lightbox for product photo shooting Ulanzi

Finally decided to buy a lightbox for product photography on Aliexpress, because I love to photograph all sorts of small toys, Souvenirs, coins, and more.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. LED lights inside
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

Ordered on Ali here from this seller for 540 rubles. The delivery lasted about 3 weeks for delivery directly from China quite a normal period, the seller sociable and while reports about the shipment.

It’s all in the normal box with foam when extracting defects was not.

The lightbox was packaged in such a case:

It is quite convenient for transportation.

Equipment as well pleased, in addition to the lightbox for subject shooting in the bag there were also two backgrounds: white and black, plus a light strip and two cables, I guess it is a gift of the seller, in the photo — the first cable, the second in my purse.

As for the lightbox for macro photography, I have it a little curve, although assembled correctly. As seen in the photo below, the edges, the so-called «ears» glued 6 magnets and they are, frankly, hung crooked, that probably curve.

LED lights inside

Now tape the light: it Shines on the whole excellent, but it is no longer necessary to independently put on double sided tape, then everything will be fine.

As for size, I must say: in the photo from the seller longer it seems, but in fact it is small. The photo below is subject regular glasses when taking pictures in the lightbox and they are just fine, but if anything more, then problems arise.

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In principle, not a bad thing, for the subject and close-up shooting of souvenir production or some small detail is very nice, takes up little space, can easily take on the road. I can safely recommend! Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Also can you recommend such a ring lamp for photography.