Light bulb with hidden camera inside and Registrar

This bulb with built-in camera is a full featured device that does not require anything extra to work in the mode of transmission of video online and recorded to the memory card.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. In the work
  3. Security
  4. Memory and video quality
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

Manufacturer Alfawise, full name of the model JD-T8610-Q2, I took it at GearBest for$ 29 here.

In the work

A light bulb-spy is very easy to install and configure. Simply screw in the luminaire (cartridge) instead of conventional light bulbs. At the same time, this Alfawise can take the function of the lighting device itself.

No additional wiring is required, all work is done over wi-fi. When you first turn on you will need to enter the password for the wifi (to enter the password, it is open and the password is not required).

All work is carried out through the application V380 V390 or. You can use other similar, able to manage the ip cameras.

In fact, this is ip surveillance camera tucked inside a light bulb housing and therefore endowed with additional functionality: light.

Overview in the video at 360 degrees in a circle. The application has a lot of different options for the show:

  • In the circle the whole picture:
  • Panoramic video:
  • In different Windows (many different options):
  • Interesting mode «Pipe»:

You can do a screenshot, to turn on / off the sound… and even talk through the camera using the built-it speaker.


Is the guard mode or alarm.

It recording will be performed only when the field of view of the camera bulb motion. Note that the reaction is very fast, and she leaves nothing out, sensitivity is good.

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To exclude false positives, you can specify the squares, which do not need to follow the movements. For example, if you have on the windowsill constantly walking a cat, you need to make it in the «exceptions»:

Similarly, it is possible to follow only specific sectors. For example, if someone opens a Desk drawer or fridge at certain hours, the camera will start recording.

To completely fill the functionality in the DVR has an emergency alarm. Also, you can configure only certain parts. When you turn on the alarm when I start recording it will be even yelling siren.

Memory and video quality

Memory card with Alfawise not supplied, you need to purchase it yourself. Standard Micro SD capacity up to 64 Gigabytes. When you are shooting with the most modern codec for H264 video surveillance+, even at Full HD quality 1920*1080 pixels for the whole day missing only 4 Gigabytes.

As the content of the card overwrites a more recent video.

By the way, the video stream can be viewed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Also, you can remotely watch previously made recordings.

The app is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android and in the Apple Store for iOS.


Lamp Alfawise with built in camera is a great way to make a full video surveillance in any room around the perimeter. It does not require any additional installation work.

Built-in LEDs to replace standard light bulb, but they are much more energy efficient all I know of the usual sanctuaries.

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Keep in mind that in some countries there may be restrictions on the use of such funds, as they often are equated with espionage. For example, in Russia it is forbidden to conduct covert surveillance, but if everything is up to date (e.g. home or office), then this observation cannot be considered as tacit.

Again, bought this lamp and the camera on the GearBest website in China here.