Life jacket

Going on holiday this year, decided to pre-order for a child life jacket. It yet can not, therefore, the need was acute. On «Aliexpress» a lot of them, but it had a large amount of feedback and the majority of them are positive.

Though opinion about flotation vest for a child, from the same seller Sikiwind is exactly the same in different sizes, including even very large adults.

The contents

  1. Colors and sizes
  2. The quality and straps
  3. Where to buy

Colors and sizes

On the website here, on the official website of the manufacturer Sikiwind it is available in several colors: blue, yellow and orange. We liked the second. The size of it six S to XXXL. The son with the growth of 148 cm and weighing 31 kilograms, it was decided to purchase a size M.

Paying 12.37 $, I order it. Shipping was free and took about three weeks to Sverdlovsk region. After receiving the package in the mail, I quickly went home to open it. Very much it was interesting, but it’s definitely Chinese.

Product came in a plastic bag. Collapsed he looked pretty overall. Weight purchase is not easy, but not quite heavy. It is claimed that he weighs more than 7.5 pounds, but I think they exaggerated it.

The quality and straps

The model is a vest with three waist straps on width. They are adjustable and if you choose the correct size, the thing will sit perfectly on the figure. Will not slip. This is a mandatory requirement, because its main function is security, not beauty. No wonder it’s called a rescue. In addition to these belts there are still vertical, which pass between the legs and are also designed to not pop out of the vest.

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The thing is made of thick fabric. The seller States that it is polyester. I think it is. It dries quickly in the sun, easy to clean, well and by itself, it is not the brand. Given that most of it half done in black color, the product can be called practical. The plot, which is made in yellow color, is reflective. It is very well stitched. Nowhere stick thread. Looks expensive and solid. Inside it’s tactile sensations are filled with foam.

In addition to it is the whistlewhich emits a loud enough sound. Under it is the special pocket. You can remove that is not hung and not interfere. In short, everything is provided.

The inner side is also sewn on one pocket. There is also a image by way of dressing up and use of the vest. How to care for the product, can also be found here. From the figures it is clear that it cannot be washed in the machine, ironed. Wash hands only when the water temperature is not higher than thirty degrees.

When it came time to collect the suitcases, I put it on the bottom. He didn’t take up much space and not too weighted Luggage. During the trip we used it on all hundred percent.

The son swam in it in the pool, in the sea, water excursions, when we went to sea on a yacht. He felt confident in it. Vest never pressured and do not RUB, not restrict movement and very firmly sitting on the figure.

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We were quiet for our baby. During the vacation he never broke, not faded. We brought it back to its original form.

After returning from vacation, we took him with us to a Waterpark and to the lake trip. We even asked where we purchased it. I think it will serve us for another year, until the child it will not grow. I think the thing will remain in presentable form and can be resold.

Where to buy

Again let me remind you that I bought from an authorized representative of the manufacturer Sikiwind on Aliexpress here. There are also different sizes, from very small to a huge XXXL, I think everyone will find themselves in size.