Lenses for a smartphone or tablet Akinger

For more interesting photos and image quality from a smartphone, after purchase of an active stabilizer for video X-Cam, I decided to order on Aliexpress lenses with multiple lenses brand Akingeer.

Set of 6 items: lenses fisheye, telescopic, anti-glare, lens for macro shooting and a pin, which they screwed and protective case with carabiner.

Photos are clickable:

Clip universal rubber that protects the screen from scratches. Tight as a drum. While shooting does not slip.

In case there are separate boxes for storage of lenses. The lenses are made of metal, each protective cover.

As for the quality of shooting lenses met my expectations. Photo quality, of course, does not compare with a digital camera, but the improvement is noticeable.

Used with telefonami Huawei Honor 9 and Xiaomi Mi A1. In both cases, was better than I initially expected. You can use this set of lenses for free.


Ordered from this seller. Price stood 10,29$, but bought on sale for 7,60$. Delivery to Moscow for 3 weeks. Track to track all the way to the parcel. It was Packed in bubble wrap.

The video itself was not recorded, that we found online. In English, true, but everything is clear:

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