Lens Tamron — budget original from China for photographers

After purchasing my first SLR, with the standard optics 18-55mm, extensive experimentation with Soviet lenses industar and Helios with a focal length of 50 mm, I still decided to buy a new lens with a longer focal length than fifty dollars. At the same time spend huge amount of money on professional super glass is not very desirable. And suddenly it’s not mine?

Now, having studied a huge number of forums and looked at dozens of video reviews, I have eliminated almost all of the options, with the exception of two manufacturers: Sigma and Tamron. In favor of Tamron played a factor: «Comrade he uses», well, a friend’s advice helped.

What caught my attention to this lens. Absolutely the budget segment, decent reliability (judged by the reviews), a focal length of 70-300 mm.

What were the doubts. How reliable the seller is from China, and it was there that I was going to buy glass, pack long-awaited acquisition? Will they make it expensive buying the vandals of Mail of Russia? So, I’ll start everything in detail.

The contents

  1. Shipping and price
  2. Package contents and description
  3. The pros and cons
  4. The disadvantages and shortcomings
  5. Positive aspects
  6. My personal opinion

Shipping and price

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Buying lens Tamron was perfect in summer 2017 on a popular platform of Aliexpress here on this page — you can see the price today. The price of the «glass» at that time, was about 8500 rubles, and now it is a little different. This is such a product that won’t become obsolete over the years and to wait on him a special outlet because of nesezenete or demand reduction, it is not necessary. The maximum you can save money by using cashback EPNthat I did.

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As I wrote above, is a budget option, so expect to get anything but their impressions will describe below.

Shipping from Aliexpress took about 30 days. In the end, the parcel has reached the destination in one piece (special thanks to the seller for a decent package, and an abundance of pupyrchatoy film).

Package contents and description

On opening the shipping packaging, I reached the long-awaited acquisition. The lens comes in an ordinary cardboard box, which is marked graphical image content, information about the manufacturer and a brief technical description of the parameters. Print language English and Chinese.

Protection inside of carton dampers, securely holds the lens and prevents mechanical stress on him. «Glass» is equipped with two protective caps from both sides, and blend. There is a user manual and warranty card. All elements are made of plastic. No metal parts, except the screws and contacts. The main adjustment ring focal length has a practical rubber grip.

The adjustment rings on the lens two. One responsible for the focal length of the zoom in manual mode.

Also there are two mechanical switches. The first choice of auto or manual focus mode lens, the second switch to macro mode. Both switches have a fairly clear course and rigid fixation. You feel to understand whether there has been a switch without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

In principle, the Assembly of the lens is quite quality, of any backlash, noises and squeaks, until today, has not appeared. The «glass» in the process of operation, has experienced very frequent and exhausting trip together with Luggage and several heavy drops.

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The pros and cons

The disadvantages and shortcomings

When using the lens noticed following:

  • Lens hood, when her turn in the unused position, the ring covers the manual configuration of field, all numeric symbols. However, it is not as critical as it’s easy to work with sharp turning, directly, for the blend;
  • Quite confusing in the first days of work, switch the macro mode. It includes a macro mode for certain values of the focal length and sharpness. That is, if you switched to macro mode, shot a series of frames, and understand that I can not switch back to standard recording, you just need to turn the small ring to the desired position.
  • Rather slow and noisy auto focus motor;
  • And probably the most critical disadvantage is the maximum aperture of F6.

Positive aspects

  • The ratio of price-quality;
  • Available for all popular SLR brands: Canon, Sigma , and others;
  • The presence of macro mode;
  • Fairly light weight for this size.

My personal opinion

For photographers who are in the process of searching for its uniqueness, shooting angles, or at the initial stage of his career as a professional photographer, this affordable lens will be a great acquisition.

To remove him is quite simple — as in automatic mode. Of course, such effects as the «bokeh effect» from it is not worth waiting, the aperture is lame, but having this lens in your bag, you can take excellent pictures of distant objects, and «macro» mode works 100%.

I bought this «glass» more for portrait photography at smaller angles in focal length from 90 mm to 13 mm, to exclude from the frame any more, so if you are not lazy and are willing to move away from the model a little further than usual, for you this lens will be a great wagon, from portretiki to «spy shots in the distance.

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page