Lego Technic buggy copy from Lele Technology

«LEGO», I think many people know this word. Gorgeous quality Danish designer, LEGO is the name known throughout the world.

At the moment, available dozens, if not more, Chinese counterparts different quality. Sometimes there are instances of more or less quality and adequate, sometimes just disgusting. Aliexpress just littered with all sorts of crafts (and forgeries) to this wonderful designer. Precisely this «double» and a story in this article.

The contents

  1. Clone replica
  2. Where to buy and price
  3. Quality
  4. Details
  5. Stickers
  6. Manual
  7. Conclusion

Clone replica

So, the designer Lele Technology — 38001 buggy. It is a clone of the legendary LEGO Technic: off-road 42037.

A few words about the original. This set is not for nothing is legendary and respected globally by all fans of LEGO Techniques. It is quite small for the money, by the standards of the top sets from LEGO, there are such wonderful details for the construction of projects such as:

  • full set front and rear independent suspension,
  • four-cylinder in-line piston engine,
  • huge diameter wheels
  • the hub and differential.

Thus, this set is perfect for any lover of design from LEGO.

Where to buy and price

As this original set are no longer available, you can find it of course you can but it will cost quite a lot, I decided to purchase an analogue of a well-known online store Aliexpress here on this page.

Back to our Lele Technology — 38001 buggy. It cost me in 1433 ruble in terms of us — of 20.69.

About delivery, terms and so to speak there is no special meaning, it’s all about two, two and a half weeks. In time and without problems. Delivery was organized through the mail of Russia.

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With regards to the «analog» Lego. Honestly this designer, I was immediately disappointed, but I saw and held in his hands the wheels — tires.

The fact that the original Lego, both in principle and in real life, the tire snugly, with interference, to put on the disk. It’s kind of like the wheels in size, but the tire is made of much larger diameter.

In simple words, the tire is hanging freely. On the disk there are special grooves, which enters the inside of the tyre, there all loose. Playing the car, just driving it on the surface, the tire itself falls from the disk, in the language of the motorist — rubbertired.


Next, about the other parts. At least relatively well. But this is misleading. All parts are LEGO technic small circuits are connected to special connectors. Here lies the root of all evil.

In the production of this design from this manufacturer very much «float» tolerances and landing.

Roughly speaking, if the original in any hole any connector can be inserted with the same force, here in this Chinese clone, some literally vypaivajut themselves — do not hold, and in some places have to make a very large physical.

Accordingly, further extraction is very problematic. About the same trouble is with the shafts. In some places the shafts spin freely as they should, and some have been serious friction.


A few words should be said about the stickers. With the designer there is a small sheet of labels that stick on some of the details. It would have been nice, like the quality of the print is good, if again a but!

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First, the adhesive surface is weak, a feeling that they will soon fall off by themselves over time, and the second — a noticeable difference in color. Color sticker (background) and color parts of the original coincides, here is two different shades.


Manual, a few words about it. The Chinese took the original Lego manual , all piled in a heap. The original one page — single step, there are a few parts attached. Here are all piled in a heap, on the same page about ten steps. To use frankly not very convenient and quite difficult.


Summing up the insights we can say the following:

  • horrible quality parts, great variation in size, some details fall out, some with a hammer will not score;
  • disgusting quality of the wheels, namely the tires. It is impossible to wear tightly on the wheel, they fly spontaneously;
  • very bad manual, not convenient and not readable.

I advise you to watch reviews on other Lego replica.