LEGO copy, but no worse than the original

Frequently buy in China various goods, including «building systems» are structurally similar and are fully compatible with the constructors of the company LEGO. This description will cover in detail bought me in the store, «mylb» On My Way «Store» team figure Imperial stormtrooper officers (black distinctive epaulette on the shoulder), in desert camouflage, sitting on the green reptiles.

Reptile from the planet Tatooineis a utility beast of burden, analogue terrestrial camel.

Photos specifically for the website, Limpopo

This constructor from the «Star wars» was purchased on Aliexpress for 418 rubles (payment with VISA card) and was delivered by regular mail to the city of Krasnoyarsk, within a month.

Bought here on Aliexpress >>

Packed designer, though was unattractive, but fun (in a paper bag several times and taped with bubble wrap, which excluded damage during transportation, furthermore abundantly rewind the tape).

It is worth noting that the low (very low) presentable packaging is the only drawback of this toy. Everything else is done at a high technological level, are not inferior to original branded products LEGO (the only difference I found is the lack of blocks, blocks of commodity logo, but this small change can be neglected).

All the parts fit well and tightly engage with each other, they have no burrs and sprues. Lots of fine details and drawing (take, for example, face toothy reptiles, which are lovingly cast and painted each tooth) creates an overall pleasant experience. Parts are made of glossy plastic, which, at the same time has not, as is often the case, no smell of plastic.

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The designer is provided with a sane, very detailed instructions that allows you to collect model even for the beginner. All of the above, combined with a relatively low price, entitles me to recommend this toy model to the acquisition of a wide range of buyers. Again, bought here.

Click to enlargeCopy of LEGO. But why pay more?