Led strip light 2835 SMD with remote control and Wi-Fi

Color RGB led tape with remote control and Wi-Fi is a great option for those who are bored with the usual interior lighting in form of chandeliers, lamps and other standard lighting options.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. The quality and appearance
  4. Management and remote control

Where to buy

Here is a direct link to the tape. During the order got a discount, so instead of 1500 I paid only 1050р, delivery of the product free. From the time of order until receiving the package at the post office took only 14 days, it fast enough for China.

From this seller on Aliexpress has a lot of modifications, you can choose one that will fit you.


Complete this tape with the following:

  • Wi-Fi access controller capable of connecting to the connectors that has three different outputs;
  • Power supply;
  • Remote control led strip;
  • Plastic coil-frame with led tape length of 5 meters.

If necessary, you can order the type that you can install in the water (e.g., pool, Jacuzzi, or bathroom), or choose a waterproof option.

A big plus of this led strip SMD 2835 that you can cut it in these locations and place in several spots of the room. The manufacturer States that the belt service life about 50 000 hours.

The quality and appearance

Goods well Packed: tight package, bubble film in several layers and a pair of transparent packages. She led strip SMD 2835 wound into a large coil of plastic and is fixed so as not unwound. Other parts Packed in antistatic thick individual packages.

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The back side of the tape with a soft and sticky layer thanks to which it can be glued onto any surface. Best of all, it is glued to the walls with painted, smooth plaster or fabric Wallpaper without pronounced texture.

Fit well on plastic, metal, wood surfaces and tile. The tape is recorded well enough throughout the area, if its protective layer was not broken, either not dried up due to the discharge of the protective paper.

If desired, it can be easy to peel off and install on other place, there is a possibility of gluing the led strip with glue or double-sided tape.

Led SMD 2835 produced efficiently, each bulb is working properly, the light at all settings smooth, soft, does not irritate the eyes. Of flashes or vibrations no light, the color transition is very smooth.

Management and remote control

The tape can be controlled using Android smartphone via WiFi or IOS and special program. To set up and deal with it will help the seller in a personal conversation.

The item description is a brief statement on the work (download and install through QR code or link) or via a multifunction remote control, set the batteries we’ll have to buy yourself.

The remote, 2835 SMD very light, made of plastic, soft touch buttons are rubberized at the click react well. The keys are the following: brightness adjustment, turn on/off, the switching speed of colors, flash rate, speed of repayment of the color controller the softness of the transition, as well as the hospitality of the buttons to select one color.

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Varying colors of tape are not limited to a standard set of red, green, blue and white (actually, white shade is the same as that of an incandescent lamp) color, but there are other shades.

For example, you can choose option 2 orange, 2 yellow, light green, 2 light blue and 2 darker blue, 2 purple and one pink. Thanks for such a great opportunity to play with color, brightness, frequency, and gradient you can configure the LEDs as you like.

Of even greater scope for this game gives mobile app, where you can go into settings and select other settings for operation of the tape.

With a controller and a phone to the system you can connect audio system, for example, wireless speaker. With its help, you can ask not only light, but also music.

Again, buy this RGB led strip 2835 SMD with remote control and Wi-Fi on this page here on Aliexpress.