Led light strip for decoration of flats and houses

I bought a led strip from Aliexpress here on this page for 626.57 roubles, in Riga the goods came in 3.5 weeks by regular mail. Came in excellent condition, without damage.

The contents

  1. The reason for the purchase
  2. You should know
  3. The goal is achieved
  4. Conclusion

The reason for the purchase

The son grew up, it’s time to change the bed to a more spacious. Bought a half-story bed with the idea that on the floor under the bed will be played. And so it happened, once we realized that dark in there. Started to think about purchasing the lamp in the nursery.

And decided in favor of the strip with light emitting diodes (led light bulbs) to lighting it evenly around the perimeter. Chose this brand Rira Won. The seller reports that the product has a European certificate of conformity.

You should know

The bed my son size 90 x 200 cm, so I chose strip lights 5 metres in length.

There is also the possibility to buy a strip of lights 10 meters long. Sent in irregularly wound coils, all intact. Included were need an adapter to connect the strip to the block and the block for connection to the network.

The seller thought the buyers all over the world — there are blocks for use in the European Union, the United States of America, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Making a purchase, you need to choose a suitable block. To control lighting with the included remote. I want to note that batteries for remote are not included, it was purchased at a local store. The product is designed for operation indoors only, as it is not waterproof. But we don’t have to.

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The goal is achieved

On the reverse side of the tape is double-sided tape, we hung on the inside of the wooden base for the mattress and all the lights are focused on highlighting the area under the bed. Light bulbs a lot — they are placed with a distance of 2.5 cm, and the width of the belt is 1 cm.

My son loves to experiment with lighting modes — remote several. The diodes can be lit, there is a flashing mode when the diodes of each second light in a different color. There are warm colors — red, yellow, orange, pink, and cool colors — purple, blue, blue, green.

A total of 19 colours. There is also the possibility to adjust the intensity of light is built on three levels. Son delighted with these functions sits and regulates the mood.


Purchase very happy. Our needs this led light strip is fully satisfied. I will add that it is very multifunctional and I’m thinking about getting the same for the illumination of wall units in the living room. It would be nice. Again, bought this led strip on Aliexpress here.

Can also recommend «led rain» on the window, balcony or enclosure. And also a good garland-houses on the battery.