Led lamp gel Polish 36W Diamond

Lamp specifications Diamond:

  • Type UV gel lamp.
  • Material — plastic and metal.
  • Power — 36 Watts.
  • Timer — 10 s, 30 s, 60 s.
  • Package weight — 550 — 560 g
  • The color is blue.
  • Made In China.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and to use
  3. The order total

Where to buy

Lamp for nail Polish I ordered on the website Aliexpress here on this page for 1524 RUB Delivered to Bryansk Russia Mail for 36 days. Track number to track. The item came in crumpled box, but the contents is not affected. The composition of the parcels included lamp Packed in bubble wrap, charger, manual.

Quality and to use

Check the lamp Diamond 36W for nail Polish I wanted from the moment of the order and was waiting for the parcel. When working with lamp, I would note several positive points:

  1. gel Polish will polyrhizum well;
  2. the presence of the motion sensor when placing nail lamp will turn on automatically grasping a gel varnish, that way no streaks;
  3. three timers;
  4. removable bottom panel for legs;
  5. sock manicure from 3 weeks.

But there is one drawback — the lamp bakes when you use the gel varnish of some Chinese manufacturers.

The order total

I like the design of the lamp looks compact, stylish and beautiful. The instructions indicate that the lamp panel is installed that protects the skin from ultraviolet, and this is very important for health.

The removable lamp bulbs, i.e. the goods are not disposable. I use the lamp for more than 6 months, the bulbs have not changed.

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If you take into consideration all aspects of the order, the product, price and so on, then I’m satisfied. I think that the lamp is good quality and lives up to its price. About your purchase I never regretted.

Advantages of 36W Diamond was much more than the minuses. My friends recommended! Again, bought on Aliexpress here.