Led festoon WATERFALL

Led fairy lights are created on a «rain» or falls from a horizontal cord down perpendicularly away wire with the lights and the cord, which is the box to switch modes.

The contents

  1. An overview of the modes
  2. Sizes and variations
  3. Opinion
  4. Cons and where to buy

An overview of the modes

There are eight of them, ranging from the frequent flashing of all LEDs, constant burning all the light bulbs to the regime, when they slowly and gradually light up. On each wire their 20 pieces, distance between the wires 27 see

Sizes and variations

The site presents 6 different sizes in two possible variations – luminous warm or cold light. I chose 2×2 meters and the warm light. Price was 650 rubles. I ordered the official representative of the manufacturer of these lights here.

The packaging was monitored, it was about two weeks before the Samara region. Garland was Packed into a foamed synthetic material, damage was not.

Each wire was twisted separately, so together they are not confused. All the lights are burning properly, a few months of frequent use, either one of them is not out of order. None of the elements of the garland does not get hot even after prolonged use. In my opinion this point of principle, because in most cases it is used as a light curtain on the window, and then touch the curtains — the fabric will not melt and will not happen fire.

Where you can apply:

  • Over the bed, like I did;
  • Just on the window;
  • To the balcony;
  • In the yard of a private house;
  • On entering the apartment (at the door);
  • Just on the wall to set the mood)))
  • Well, in all sorts of stores on display.
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I hung the garland Waterfall valance with pins. At night they give a soft warm light rain. If you burn all the lamps, the lighting is sufficient for creating a chamber environment, additional light is not needed. Day on light fabric, they are almost invisible. By the way, if you are interested in original and beautiful things for the house, I recomend to pay attention to the LED — garland company Okudo.

Well, if you take «rain» for new year’s holidays, of course you can still pay attention to the karaoke microphone Q7that allows you to host karaoke without any additional devices, all you need is already built!

Cons and where to buy

In the process of using revealed two minor drawbacks:

  • The short wire with plug for outlet. Its length is 1.5 m, socket he reaches for required extension;
  • In the product description claimed that there is a memory function. In my case it does not work, but nevertheless for me it is not a problem. The desired mode is easy to return in just a few clicks of a button.

Overall, I recommend! Here is the link to the office.the seller on Aliexpress.