Led fairy lights battery powered in a bottle with a cork for the New year!

Today we have a very unusual product to review. Namely, it is a festoon led in the bottle on batteries for the holidays.


I bought a garland here on Aliexpress. There are a lot of options and capacities. The parcel came 3 weeks before Togliatti, in Moscow, she was already in 2 weeks, judging by the track number.

Works from three batteries tablet size LR-44 which are neatly stowed in a plastic housing made in the form of bottlecaps. It’s very original and delicately removes power to the LEDs. Like all neatly to paste — see the video below.

Overall, very happy with purchase. This installation looks very nice on the festive Christmas table, lifts the mood and especially like children. Especially if the window or the balcony to hang out the garland waterfall, this «ensemble» together looks fantastic!

For the price is absolutely cheap, in the range of 1-3 dollars, depending on the number of light bulbs and their brightness. The battery lasts for several days of continuous glow. Thus, even for a long weekend with enough.

Suggest to add to the romance of the lover’s lane!

Video — how to insert

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