Led Desk lamp for makeup with USB

Bought a table lamp with lighting for $15 on Aliexpress here (including the cost of delivery transport company e-EMS).

Free delivery to the Russian Federation for this product is no longer. The order was shipped by the seller within four working days from the date of payment. Shipping to the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk region amounted to 3 weeks.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Battery
  3. In the work


The size of the mirror for makeup and nail Polish match the specified on the store website. I was specifically looking for a mirror on a stand so that you can keep your back straight while applying makeup.

When I saw on the website mirror with the round lights around the edges, then immediately decided to order. Beautiful, modern look.

By the way, this lighting helps you to see the face in low light. The eyes are not blind (I was afraid of that when I placed the order).

Very convenient that the angle of inclination can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. On one side of the mirror magnifies the image. The mirror folds into a «bun», it is convenient to store and transport, for example, in travel. The mirror itself is a bit crooked (as if the edges unevenly cut).

Looks cheap. When I opened the package, the first thing that felt a sickly smell of plastic. The plastic itself was also not ideal, it was chips, dents. Again, inspired thoughts about the cheapness of the goods, and also that I overpaid for it.

Included is a USB cord to connect to the network but there is no power supply. Had to pick ourselves. Moreover, the husband said that the voltage and current of power supply must match the settings of the current consumed by the device, otherwise the LEDs may burn out.

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That is, the power supply, for example, from the charger to the phone will not work. I use the power supply from Chinese bedside lamp (it came in the kit).


Not the device with the battery. It simply is no space for her there. You can buy four AA batteries and use them.

The kit seller will not invest. I have not tried to use the batteries, so I don’t know how long they enough.

In the work

When you first switch via the mains, the LEDs lit up, everything worked. Then I pressed the button and turned it off. Been tested, so to speak. Pressed the button again, nothing lit up.

Fifteen minutes suffered, then suffered «Chinese fake» husband to fix. Was that enough to press a button on the right to activate the LEDs. Still need to touch the thumb buttons on the left (it is touch, not a push button).

I had to return the makeup to the seller. Explicit marriage have been identified. All of these shortcomings I accepted, for me they are unimportant. We take pleasure in and smell the smell of cheap plastic. Hope will fade with time.

Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here on this page. For more guidance beauty recommend collagen eye patches, Crystal Collagen Gold Mask PowderEye and palettes of shadows Focallure.