Led camping lantern battery

I bought a camping lantern led for less than a year ago and has never regretted that spent a tidy sum on «flashlight». Just got then on sale on Aliexpress and ordered with a discount for 1800 rubles or so. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Often go with family trips to the Crimea and needed compact bright flashlight in camping tent, Oh and just to he was. The friend saw a similar battery-powered penlight, but she took it on the Russian website for 2500 rubles.

But when the parcel came, our lantern was even better!

The contents

  1. Appearance and usability
  2. Battery
  3. As a night light, for fishing and on the bike

Appearance and usability

Design. Neat, small, all the details thought out. Tried a few different regular flashlights — handheld, phones and a large diode on the battery (but he missed just a couple of hours and the light became very dim.

Modes. There are 5 modes. The bright, medium, dim (used as a nightlight in a tent, slept with young children), blink and SOS signal. Shining white light (not dim yellow).

Charging for gadgets. Charge the lantern, or charge your phone from the lantern. Tested — everything works, but left in case of emergency (if not enough of the usual powerbank, you never know what might happen). Not discharging it shines brighter. Input and output USB closed with rubber plugs (probably not water).

Hook. There is a special hook that folds and does not stick out from the flashlight (usually protruding parts to break in a backpack). Provides a carabiner, easy to attach to a backpack, on the belt of the trousers to hang in the tent or on a tree branch.

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Waterproof. Not checked into the water is not dipped and not going. But, I think, very rainy weather and if you fall into the water and immediately get it — will survive.

Magnet. It’s easy to stick to the metal surface. Was outdoors, sitting in a specially equipped gazebo (around tents, campfires, and the forest — darkness, several thousands). Primogenital lantern on an iron I-beam of the gazebo — he was done with lighting the entire surrounding area.

Button. Enable/disable/you can switch modes with one button, very convenient if get the hand.


On the box it was written that works up to 80-100 hours. Well, believe it. The house forgot to turn it off, and lay several days, until I saw it. Shining as brightly.

The battery charge indicator. Easy to track the battery power of the lamp and how long he has left. Charging from a normal USB in different modes keeps charge longer or shorter. Well 2 day hike with the greatest brightness has worked on hurrah.

As a night light, for fishing and on the bike

A couple of times used as a night light for kids house outside the city. Primanita on the bunk bed where the children slept. Not too bright to Wake up the kids and see everything that is happening in the room.

Also went a couple of times at the beach bike night is also easily attached to the wheel. The visibility of 20-30 meters forward. Although, bike is better to take the corresponding lamp.

Went night fishing at sea — flashlight for camping copes. Convenient to put in pocket and use as a hand flashlight in the car, at home (especially when the light is turned off — lights up the room better than a regular chandelier).

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Once again took on Aliexpress here is a direct link to the product, but… the official website of the manufacturer Herhe Ali. It has a lot of light quality, plus promotions and sales all sorts.