Leather case with stylus for IPad Pro

I decided to share my experience about iPad Pro 10.5 is the first purchase that I made on Aliexpress. Here is a link to the seller from whom did the order.

This is what came:

I must say that I was satisfied. I evaluated the purchase of the following criteria: cost, time, appearance and quality/compliance (by this word I understand the fact that the cover will fit for IPad Pro and all connectors match each other).

The contents

  1. Price and delivery time
  2. The color and quality
  3. Opinion

Price and delivery time

At Aliexpress the price is shown from 460,93 — 838,67 RUB do Not know some of the reasons of this variation (probably, depends on where to send). Shipping is free (which means that it is included in the price of goods). In General, delivery to Krasnoyarsk all cost me 819.70.

Order 18.09.2018, and the mail came already the second of October. Two weeks! Ie sent even earlier than promised on the website (from 17 to 22 days).

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The color and quality

I ordered blue color, which on the website labeled as «Dark blue». Back cover soft and transparent blue. On the seller’s page indicated that the front is made of faux leather, but on feel, I’d say it’s more of a nubuck. Tactile feels very nice. Not annoying.

At the time of writing the review I use the product more than two months. Complaints to the case no. Not broke, not gone at the seams, not faded.

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The iPad Pro case the 10.5 fits the description. Climbed like a glove. Just perfect, considering that the stores in our city to find a decent case for the tablet. The device is well protected from external factors. The corners don’t break the screen is not scratched.

As for the «pocket» for a pencil. Pencil I have. Did not pay attention to this item when ordered. But, I want to see that the compartment for the stylus does not interfere with work. It’s all right. Maybe for such a case, later bribe a pencil.

In General, I’m pleased. Again, ordered on Ali here on this page.