Last chance to save on sale 2018

Friends, the final hours before the end of the world sale on Aliexpress 11.11.18.

All will end on 12 November at 16:00 Moscow time!

A record update: alas, the sale ended and skidochku ended But you can always visit the «coupon Center». Here is a link to it. Beginners can just win a coveted set of symbols on any of the first order, and regular customers are always guaranteed to get them into categories.

But there are still many products that you can take at the most favorable price. In China it is called «Now or never!».

They launched the third round. It is possible to get a special coupon for 2$, without any obligation and on any purchase. Just go to the home page and click «Receive».

P. S. Here is a small lapchuk: they say that those who have already bought at least one product in these days, break 2$ is proposed. But it is possible to get around that: just log in from another account or through the browser «Incognito» by pressing the computer CTRL+Shift+N and voila, it appears! Just won’t tell anyone this little secret)))

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