Laser engraver and laser cutting machine LCSPR 50 W

Just recently, I in my tool Arsenal needed urgent updating in the face of the laser engraver and laser cutting machine also.

The reason was clear as day, but specifics will not interfere. The thing is I’m doing-cutting on CNC machine, whose products are well and quickly finds a buyer in my city, but then the queries of the people went much more, but I could not satisfy them completely, as not enough of the laser machine. Anyway, let’s move on to the laser.

Not long wandering across the expanses Aliexpress my review got rectangular piece of red-and-black color brand LCSPR, and of all previously attracted to me, I decided to stop the choice on it for three reasons: specifications, price and availability. Let’s start with the latter.

This laser engraver machine can be purchased to citizens of Russia. And this is very important, because not every product can be delivered in our country.

The second reason lies in the relatively inexpensive price of about $ 50 000 in 2019.

And finally, the icing on the cake — technical specifications! A lot of them will not paint, who should — find himself. The main thing that I’m quite happy with. 50 watts of power, is the blower.

And one more obligatory point of such equipment is its SOFTWARE, which the manufacturer has not sinned with a clean conscience this provided your engraver.

From the obvious drawbacks I would note a small working area, but it’s not so much bite. Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page.

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