Large TV Skyworth 50 inch

I was surprised when I suddenly found out that the brand Skyworth is ranked in the TOP the most purchased television in the world. It was a revelation for me.

I bought your Smart TV Skyworth 50G2A on Aliexpress, namely, section Tmall or just «Mall» here.

You need to understand that this is no ordinary TV under the «plate» or terrestrial digital broadcasting. It is running the Android operating system Box and it is created under the IP TV streaming streaming Internet video, YouTube and various online cinemas through multiple applications or directly on the websites.

Also, you can play Android games, connect wired and wireless gamepads, aeromike with keyboard, trackballs, and gamepads. Of course, not all games, but only appropriate.

To convert an ordinary TV, this can be only through a special smart console type Eachlink, but when all at once in one, it is much more convenient! Especially at this price.

Speaking of price… I took this 50 inch Skyworth 50G2A for 38,000 rubles, now it seems even cheaper.

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  • Ease of use
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  • Image quality

    First, the image quality on the screen is not very much. For most users it will be acceptable, but I’m very picky. However, going to tune with the included remote.

    We had to reduce the brightness and «warm» orange color. Read more and all the fine-tuning, see the video below.

    The picture itself is Ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, then beyond praise. Feel the motto of the company-producer of «no limit to Perfection».

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    Ease of use

    Loaded it like any device on Android 7.0 for 30-40 seconds, then at least specify a different startup applications like Skype and active widgets on your home screen, this time will increase. Well, the owners of smartphones Samsung, Xiaomi and the like will understand me.

    And this is probably the only drawback.

    Loved everything, especially voice search with the built-in remote microphone. The sound quality is also high, because in real stereo speakers, not just the built-in speakers.

    There is an entrance under a regular antenna and for satellite. Who enjoys them more — I don’t know, but just in case announced.

    2USB ports, one normal, and the second crash third version. Processor — Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, 2GB DDR3 memory, built-in wireless technology, Bluetoth and Wi-Fi.


    Everyone is very happy and especially happy to get such equipment for 38 thousand rubles, which at the time of writing the review was less than$500.

    I think with the advent of high speed Internet in every home, such as TVs home theaters Skyworth with large screens will gradually vetsnet and TV set-top box and a satellite TV type «Tricolor» as a species.

    Again, took on Aliexpress Tmall warehouse in Russia here.