Large outdoor metal clothes hanger with Aliexpress

Some time ago in my room settled a clothes rack with Aliexpress model Actionclub.

The combined parcel has arrived to the Rostov region just over a week. On the website you can choose a delivery: China or Russia. Shipping from China costs a bit more expensive than from Russia. At the time I requested for the delivery in Russia had to pay 200 rubles, although it was not a transport company, and Russian Post. Total shelf cost 1 411,86 RUB, the order made here on this page Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Quality and Assembly
  2. Shelves
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Quality and Assembly

A small flat cardboard box contained a set of metal tubes and plastic fasteners. Also includes instruction in the Chinese language with the scheme. Because of the scheme translate Chinese was not necessary. A simple schematic representation helped to collect outdoor hanger in 20 minutes.

Compact and roomy – so in a nutshell you can describe this Chinese discovery. It is precisely this kind of failed to find at IKEA for cheap.

The height of the rack 170 cm, width 55. The bottom consists of two shelves. For storage you can use the upper space. Side mounted folding hanger with two hooks. The plastic is dense and will hold even the bag.


Shelf hangers from waterproof fabric. They’re not meant for something heavy bend. Put the shoes, folded stack of clothes and nothing more. A steel tube is «imaginary» wall hanger.

In my case they are brown, but there are other variations. The assembled structure is light, but quite durable. The test showed that it can be easy to load hangers-hangers in the amount of 15 pieces. But it was only light clothing.

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Where can put a floor hanger Actionclub? I have she is in the bedroom, creating a light «garage» atmosphere in a popular style now «Loft». Fit perfectly in the corridor, but by its design is not suitable for heavy top winter clothing.


Looks hanger-rack is simple and unobtrusive. It is necessary to emphasize its spaciousness and convenience. A wonderful purchase for the money! The above link I gave on a particular seller on Aliexpress, I can still recommend this shelf organizer for any place flat and 3D Wallpapers in the form of a brick wall.