Large modular painting the wall with Aliexpress

We recently finished renovating their apartment and one of the first questions that immediately arose after the visual evaluation of the updated space, was the question of wall decor.

The Wallpaper we chose in a pleasant and calm tone, without sharp picture, so I decided to decorate a room with an unusual modular pattern. But neither in the specialized shops of the city or in the markets we have not found the option that would suit all family members.

All the pictures that we were offered, were typical or absurd abstraction, or flowers, or banal photographs of famous European landmarks. We are looking for a unique picture, which would be only us, so we decided to continue the search on Aliexpress, because there is no shortage of unusual and interesting things there is never.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Photo printing
  4. Mounting and clearance on the frame
  5. How to hang on the wall

Where to buy

Chose a modular picture on the website very long time, a huge number of options, we are literally lost in the proposals.

From personal experience I suggest: prior to viewing and selecting products on the website, decide on the style and colour of your future paintings as well as with its size. This will significantly reduce the time searching for a suitable option.

We decided to look for a modular painting, executed in watercolor technique with the image of the city streets. Drove into a search engine the words «modular pattern of the city» and immediately be on the first page and saw the option that fully satisfied the whole family. We issued an order in this store on Aliexpress.

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Size chose 60/70 cm pay attention to the description of the product: the seller warns that only sold the very fabric, without the wooden stretchers. You can purchase yourself in any hardware store, they are inexpensive.


I must say that this is a modular painting on a wall of this size, along with the subframes cost us three times cheaper than similar ready modular paintings.

Your order we have received after 3 weeks, each canvas was rolled up in a roll and is wound on a plastic pipe. Packed ordering was tight, no creases and damages on it we found.

Of course, this is not a real canvas and oilskin base, and the painting itself is a normal photo printing, but not drawing oil. Product description on the website does not correspond to reality.

But we did not expect that we will deliver these modular paintings, painted by hand.

Photo printing

The quality of printing our canvases really is at a high level: the surface of cloth is not glossy, and ribbed and rough. Thanks it seems that it is really a real canvas, but painted not with oil, but rather a pastel.

Particularly realistic look author’s signature on each canvas — despite the fact that they are «stamped», there are differences in the technique of writing and the size.

One gets the impression that these are real autographs of the artist.

Mounting and clearance on the frame

Every painting was an additional five-centimeter border for mounting paintings on stretchers. To make a modular painting with his hands is quite simple…

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First, we prepared the basis for canvases. For this we took an ordinary wooden slats, measured the required length and bonded them together with glue Moment, cut the ends at an angle of 45 degrees.

To increase strength we went through the corners with a stapler.

After the glue has dried, we started to pull the canvas on a frame. If it were a real canvas, we have their incompetent hands definitely tore it up, as experience in this business we have up to this point was not.

But since it was an ordinary oilcloth, we easily and simply and quickly by using the same stapler coped with this task.

As a result, we got three canvases, size 60/70 cm, as was stated in the item description.

How to hang on the wall

Before you hang our prints on the wall, we folded the leaf on top of each other and put under the yoke, in order to give proper shape to our stretcher, as they slightly moved in the process of tensioning the canvas.

In any case, do not place heavy objects on the canvas itself, so you only stretch or even tear. Oppression need to be installed at the corners of the wooden stretcher. In our case, we used books.

The next day we hung our modular picture on the wall. It turned out simple and tasteful, and most importantly, do not like at all. Plan to order several more paintings in the other rooms. So to purchase this item and seller I recommend. You can go to this shop and view all offers of the seller. Here is a direct link to it on Aliexpress.

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Also can you recommend painting by numbers with frame, if suddenly want to feel like a real artist!