Large desktop electronic clock with alarm and thermometer

On Aliekspress bought large luminous electronic table clock with dimensions: height — 9cm. width — 18.5 cm, with a mirror surface, green backlight for the 1200r. free shipping.

The next day the seller sent the parcel after 10 days I got it in Ufa.

Package includes:

  1. Luminous table clock with large digits on the display.
  2. Power cable.
  3. Instruction in Chinese/English.

Have to buy (not included):

  1. Flat CR2032 battery (not mandatory, only in case of loss of electricity in the house, now sold everywhere).
  2. Power supply at 5V.(I took from an old Nokia), it is important to volts match. Now all the houses are there, I guess.

Fit perfectly into the interior on a Desk, nightstand, windowsill, Cabinet, refrigerator, etc. Has an alarm clock and a built-in thermometer. Watch can be supplied in two formats 12/24 hours. Electronic thermometer in Celsius or Fahrenheit — your choice.

You can configure the electronic screen was showing only the time, it is possible that alternated the time, date and temperature. The numbers can be seen even when on the watch in sunlight.

At 18:00 backlight large led digits automatically becomes a little dimmer and 6:00 brighter, but I hardly notice. Set near the TV to make it easier to control time.

Really like that if you Wake up at night, it is not necessary to reach for the phone in order to find the most important thing: how much more is there left to sleep 😂😜.

The power of these large clocks can be connected from a computer, router, TV set-top box or TV (who has a USB port with a constant supply). If you unplug or shut off the electricity, the screen fades out, but the battery saves all settings and not have to re-set the time. Happy with the purchase.

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. From beautiful and useful for home can recommend a mega-modern ceiling chandelier iRalan and digital Eclipse air (will show when the oxygen in the room is not enough and should be sure to ventilate the room).