Laptop acer swift 1 — opinion editor

Hello to all readers of the online magazine reviews of products, Limpopo! I’m the chief editor of this website and knowing the laptop model Acer swift 1 not sold on Aliexpress, I decided to leave feedback about a recent purchase in the shops of Thailand.

This review will not be stories about the characteristics and appearance of this laptop. Most likely reading this article have already seen a bunch of stories on YouTube and compared the specifications on Acer’s website.

I will only tell you what I liked and didn’t like in the model 1 Swift, because I have already seen a lot and used Azarov in my life…

The contents

  1. Screen
  2. Battery
  3. Fingerprint scanner
  4. Sound
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. The 4200 CPU and memory
  7. About mobile 4200
  8. RAM
  9. How to install Windows on Swift 1
  10. More
  11. The pros and cons
  12. Conclusion


It is a terrible and wonderful at the same time. The screen in LG swift 1 is a matte FullHD with warm lighting, which is very comfortable to work and watch movies. But there is one big minus pribolshoy.

Minus in the same warm lighting, its not really enough. If the room and at the usual time in the Park with no problems, then just looked out in the summer sun can make the laptop screen is completely unreadable.

Thus, if you plan to work on the beaches and in parks in the summer, then this model is not for you.


Really battery lasts a long time. Long as the tablet or smartphone. The manufacturer claims up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Maybe so, but only in flight mode-enabled power saving and minimum brightness of the screen, which may be in a dark room is not enough.

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In normal use, wi-fi, bluetoth, medium brightness, connected to the mouse and flash drive running a few essential apps, battery will last for 5-6 hours, depends, in fact, from the task that is currently executing the laptop.

Fingerprint scanner

In my opinion, completely useless thing. Don’t want to enter a password? Well, set a pin and enter with only 4 digits. In my opinion, even faster to enter it.

The scanner works about 50/50. Sometimes the first time to recognize the owner, sometimes with the third. It so happens that 5 times you need to touch, so he finally admitted. Perhaps it depends on contamination of the hands or dust on the scanner))


About the sound, you can say one thing: he really is! I used to have another Acer ultrabook, we can say one of their first ultrabooks, so there really there was no sound, but here it is!

The laptop manufacturer acer swift 1 claims that they used a new unique proprietary technology TrueHarmony (c) with the paper speakers. Anything about it can not say, in my opinion, many speakers have a paper diaphragm, isn’t it?

In any case, the sound pleased.


Very hesitant before buying this model because of the fact that I have read a lot of negative reviews about the Wi-Fi module.

While I can’t say anything bad about my job, no complaints have arisen. Perhaps this problem occurs with time, I hope not.

The 4200 CPU and memory

About mobile 4200

Intel mobile processor 4200, which produces 1.1 Hz, but it can be overclocked right up to 2.5 GHz — it’s all a big mystery to me.

Like at no load the frequency is reduced to a minimum and increases automatically with increasing loading. This is done supposedly to reduce energy consumption, still 4200 is a mobile processor.

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Most likely, the pre-installed light version of the OS based on the Linux kernel generally weak loads percents, but we all installed Windows.

After installing Windows 10 and some of the most needed programs (browsers, torrent tracker, screenshotmaker, Skype, etc.), CPU load was… 100%, if you believe the schedule of standard Windows task Manager Windows!

But at the same time, he continues to work steadily, brakes do not notice. I think the schedule DZ rests on the ceiling of 1.1 Hz, then the acceleration occurs that the Manager does not take into account no-shows.

This is my opinion, if you think otherwise, please write in comments above.


The memory is only 4GB. Even on my ultrabook purchased about 5 years ago, it was 8GB and only 4 here and the legacy DDR3. However, given the availability of fast SSD M2, just increase the paging file and the work a pleasure.

Apparently, the manufacturer expected. Cunning, but wise…

The hard disk is only 120 GB makes use of an external hard or cloud storage with a good Internet at home and at work.

How to install Windows on Swift 1

Of course, it will be about Windows 10. There are fans of the licensed software, there are those who just downloads the latest version and a crack to her torrents and excited about his «tricks»))

I first suggested to install the licensed version for around 6,000 rubles (~85$), then even offered to put hacked for 200 Thai baht (about 6$), but I refused all offers. We ourselves with a mustache!)

I love OS license, because they are updated periodically and close the holes found in the kernel. But to pay almost half the cost of the laptop for the license, sorry… will act differently.

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I just download from the official Microsoft website the latest version of Windows 10 their utility, then go to the site, enter through the search of «Windows 10» and find the cheapest key at the moment.

Did so 10 years ago, 5 years ago, done now. Because the key is activated online with Microsoft servers and immediately is tied to the hardware of the laptop, then activate it again on another computer no one can, even if it is the key.


And «not quite get» what the 3-hour free service on Acer’s website, as evidenced by the proud green sticker on the case to the left of the touchpad.

By the way, about him…

The touchpad is large and comfortable, but larger sizes are constantly in the way while typing with the keyboard, so you have to turn it off via hotkey and working with the mouse.

The pros and cons

So, here are the pros and cons I found Acer Swift 1 after a month of use:


  • Dimensions and weight;
  • Capacious battery;
  • Four USB, including the newest USB type-C;
  • Matte IPS display with excellent viewing angles and high FULL HD resolution;
  • Hard drive SSD M2;
  • Price;
  • A decent camera and sensitive stereo microphone;
  • Nice look in three colors: Golden, silver, pink (personally I have a Golden).


  • There is no network connector. Dares only purchase of adapter with USB;
  • The display does not have enough brightness on a Sunny summer day;
  • Memory: one would have to put at least DDR4.


You can use, which I now do!