One day in our house turned off the electricity. There was no light 2 hours. Well that phone has a flashlight and charging enough, and then in pitch darkness, even the match would not find the gas to ignite. Then I realized that we needed a flashlight.

The next day went on Aliexpress. Shop HZGT Tools Store to buy her husband a tool set, and I remembered that there were lanterns.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and food
  3. Opinion

Where to buy

The store often held shares and a good product to buy with a good discount. Tracked down a good coupon.

Among the variety of floodlights and lanterns has chosen EVERBRITE 300 here. Led flashlight with a light output of 300 lumens.

After applying all the discounts the lantern cost me 520 rubles.

Ordering from China to Orel region was 3 weeks. Delivery was by courier service to the house. The package came in a plastic bag. The lantern itself was Packed in a cardboard box and thin paperco.

Quality and food

Spotlight EVERBRITE done efficiently. Stinks and plastic is not very thick. Very compact.

Included are four batteries. The reviews on the spotlight often wrote about the fact that the battery is either not working, or oxidized. In my case this did not happen. All the batteries clean and working. Yes, spotlight works exclusively on batteries. No battery or charger.

In characteristics it is specified that the lamp shines at a distance of up to 350 m. At this distance we have not experienced, but 200 metres away takes great. The light is white and very bright.

The handle of the spotlight as plastic with special grooves for your fingers.

The site says that the floodlight waterproof. In water, we didn’t dump him and not watered, but to be honest, I doubt it.

Also the seller gives a guarantee on the goods is 1 year.

To insert the batteries, special efforts are made it is necessary only to Unscrew the back cover. Assembled and disassembled quite easily.


In General, for the money nice buy. I want to order another one of these spotlight husband in the car. The place does not take much, but if necessary can help. Perfect for Hiking and fishing.

All who are interested in this spotlight, you can buy it via this link on Aliexpress. Still I can recommend led camping lantern battery and headlamp brand Boruit 1000Lm.