Lamp R7s — led instead of halogen

After the repair I bought a bathroom light with two halogen lamps J78 R7s under the cap. With native lamp, the lamp lasted for more than a year. Then one by one they burned out.

Began to look for a replacement. First took this expensive from Osram, etc. But they burned out as quickly. Then began to buy cheaper type Ferron. The same story.

Search analog

Someone told to look for similar led lamps. Started searching the Internet. Immediately got on the bulb with the same base, but they had a diameter greater than 50 mm. And we have the lamp, only a ceiling was 30 mm. And the bulb itself had no more than 25 mm in diameter.

Searched through all the resources we have in Russia — to no avail. Even in the shops around — also no one delivers that.

A friend suggested about Aliexpress. Started looking there. Immediately found several possible variants of such lamps.

He began to pick up on the power, the possibility of retail sales and price. Stopped on this version — new silicone R7S led bulb 10W SMD 3014 R7S 78 mm.

Where to buy and shipping

Price for both $ 11 USD. Ordered on Aliexpress on this page here, paid with e-wallet, was to wait for the parcel.

The parcel came two weeks later. Went to the post office, got. The house is all unpacked, checked…

Fine into the light, quite bright. And most importantly – does not get hot like halogen, and therefore a much lower power consumption.

By the way, just recently looked it up online these bulbs R7s — there is only the pictures from Ferron, but not available. Again Ali buy new if needed.

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