Lamp for nails SUN X9 Plus 48W

I have to say that I am not a professional manicurist and bought a lamp exclusively for their own use. Used miniature clothes dryer at 9 Wat, in the form of an arc, purchased on Ali.

It is convenient to take with you on the go, great for emergency correction of manicure, but for full application I have such an option proved to be inconvenient. Decided to look for a more suitable device.

Where to buy

Since I’m one of those who does not risk to buy via the Internet expensive things and equipment, had a good dig in the reviews in order to find a good, meet my requirements, the product, and most importantly, for a minimal price.

The choice fell on the SUN X9 Plus. From the seller a high rating, positive reviews and a good discount.

In General made an order on Aliexpress here and in 22 days I received a well Packed parcel.


Printed and immediately began to experience the UV light in action. As it turned out — absolutely not the right choice. It has all the necessary qualities and quite significant advantages:

  • The power of the model SUN X9 Plus is 48 watts. Well dried gels already 30 seconds.
  • Capacity. Compared to my old dryer, where normally dry, you only had three fingers, this way is placed in a palm.
  • Hybridity. Thanks to the combination of UV and LED technology, the lamp is permitted to use any type of gel varnish.
  • The motion sensor. The device turns on automatically as soon as you put him in your hand, and turn off accordingly.
  • Timer. On the surface there are three buttons 30, 60 and 99 seconds. A good alternative if a sensor suddenly can cause problems.
  • Nice design and comfortable size.
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By cons SUNX9 can be attributed except the power supply. I was more comfortable with USB charging, easy to replace in case of failure, but as practice shows, they are less reliable.

And because the seller selects the type of plug, depending on the country of residence of the buyer, problems connecting to electricity does not occur.

In General I was pleased, therefore, definitely recommend! Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page.

Immediately I can recommend a great gel polishes SaviLand and VenaLisa.