Lamp for nail Dmoley

Hello, I will tell You about my purchase from Aliexpress – hybrid Dmoley lamp for drying gel (gel Polish) nails (UV / LED).

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Where to buy

Ordered on Ali here with the official representative of the brand. The cost of the lamp 15,80$. There is free shipping by China post, which I chose. In Belarus, the lamp went long: ordered 31.01.2018 – I received in the mail 15.03.2018 (1.5 months).

Came my camera Dmoley in good condition, without defects, it was Packed in bubble package, foam and carton.


Main features for which I chose a hybrid lamp for drying the gel (gel Polish) nails (UV / LED):

  • Lightweight and compact. Weighs 0.5 kg, dimensions 16,7 * 15,2 * 7,6 see
  • Power 36 Watts.
  • A good range of colors. The seller offers lamp 6 colors: red, black, white, pink, champagne (rose gold), gold. I chose gold, as this color was cheaper.
  • Electric. Plug in the socket of the European type. Plug with removable cable.
  • Gibina. The lamp has both UV lamp and led lamp (LED). UV lamp spiral shape, is located inside of the lamp pacentro upstairs. Led light bulbs in the amount of 12 pieces on each side of the lamp. All the bulbs work at the same time.
  • 3 modes of drying. Located on the rear of the lamp 3 buttons: 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec. After drying, the bulb is automatically extinguished.
  • Touch. The lamp is automatically switched on if already is one of the modes of drying, when the hand insertion wnur lamp.
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The result of using exceeded all expectations. Lamp is very beautiful, stylish, quality.

Dries quickly, the sensor is working. 10-30 seconds are required to dry any color, 60 sec I have only used for drying of red and black, because she was afraid to necessity is so thick the shades.

Though the lamp Dmoley and small in size, but allows to dry two hands together, one hand to another. Lamp is suitable for both manicure and pedicure.

For home use a great hybrid lamp for drying gel (gel Polish). Again, the order made on Aliexpress on this page, the official. MOU still to pay attention to the review of gel varnish SaviLand and VenaLisa.