Lamp for drying nail Polish LKE

LKE UV lamp 6 W bought for$ 5, about 4 months ago on Aliexpress here. Now the same lamp costs about 3$. The weight of the lamp is 70 grams.

In the tube there are 6 small UV bulbs. Comes with cord, but no power supply. Unit can be rented from any charger.

Delivery fast, came to Belarus for 3 weeks. The parcel was stolen.

The lamp was well packaged, came without any damage. This product fits the description. Gel Polish dries quickly, efficiently. The usage is pretty simple, just need the cord inserted into the power supply and the socket, and then press a single button on the socket.

This lamp LKE I’m quite happy — dries the gel varnishes for the allotted time of 1.5-2 minutes. Time depends on the gel Polish, some dried a little longer. The base and the top layer dries in one minute.

The only negative — the lamp property to automatically turn itself off after a minute after switching on, which is very inconvenient to work, you have to constantly be distracted to push the button. Timer and countdown from this model.

Ultraviolet light is very convenient due to the fact that small, a will not take, whether on a lamp to take with you e.g. on a journey. Feed from powerbank.

But due to the fact that the lamp LKE a small, at the same time to dry 4 can only nail one hand, it slightly lengthens the process of manicure. This lamp is suitable for personal use. The master of nail service for operation of such lamp most likely will not work.

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Once again, taking on Ali here.