Lamp for drying nail gel and UV & led SunOne

Every woman watching them and especially for the beauty of their nails. All of us perfectly know, how long dries nail Polish and how often we do not have time for a date or forced to wait for their friends when going to the movies.

And it’s simple, you just have to have a dryer for gels and varnishes, and then life will be much easier!


21 Dec 2016 by me on the website Aliexpress here was purchased lamp to dry the gels and the gel varnish UV & led Sun One 48 watt for 2321,40 RUB from the seller SUNUV Official Store with delivery by Mail of Russia.

The look of the lamp

The seller sent the parcel was in the same day after confirmation from me with the shipping address and my passport data. Despite free shipping, the seller sent the item with expedited shipping. Impressed me with delivery time — 10 days to Samara. The seller as it seems to be working and the parcel came to me on 31 December 2016 as a gift for the holidays, brought along with soap eggs Holica Holica !

To my great surprise the packaging was intact and the box is not dented (still can the Russian Post sometimes work perfectly: and quickly and efficiently). Inside the parcel was a light bulb, cord and manual in Chinese, English and broken Russian and a small present — transferable sliders for nails. It was nice to get a bonus and even a present!

To understand the operation was easy, because in the message the seller from Aliexpress to me in detail he explained. Seller also provides one year warranty. Really don’t think that if with a lamp that to happen I’m going to send it for warranty back to China .

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Externally, the bulb is small. The bottom is removable (magnets) for ease of drying the nails with the pedicure. The bottom is sealed with a special film on two sides, apparently for escapes Carosi on the surface. Quality plastic — does not bend. The diodes are all working.

Dries perfectly with the 5 sec (gel Polish) to 60 sec (gel camouflage for nail) the materials are absolutely all firms, whatever I didn’t use, much better than lamp Genailish. There is a button to change the Wattage (to gel much not so hot when drying and nails are not thick). The light in the lamp you can set the buttons manually or with the contact fingers in the lamp light turns on automatically. Both hands are dried together even overweight women (placed with big fingers).



The lamp is fully satisfied! I recommend the seller.? SUNUV Official Store. Going to his shop you can see that this is not just another huckster and professional shop in this area. On Aliexpress there are sellers, where such lamps can be bought cheaper, but where is the guarantee that there is not a «pig in a poke». I suggest you all read carefully the reviews and do not buy cheap!

To see a full description of the lamp and the price on Aliexpress >>