Lamp for drying gel paints and varnishes from the manufacturer SUNUV – SUN 3 with smart mode, Smart 2.0

This is one of the novelties of the manufacturer. Positioned it as the most powerful UV led light bulb – 48W. This is true, but everything in order.

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  • Cost and where to buy
  • Packaging
  • Opinion
  • Guide and functional
  • Cost and where to buy

    In China this lamp costs about 3,000 rubles, in Russia, of course more expensive, but if you have time to wait, You can save up to 1500 rubles – a significant amount. That’s what I did! Bought here.

    The order from China got to me in 13 days from the warehouse in Russia.


    Concise, very high quality color box. Nice, nice.

    In the box the lamp itself, the power supply 24 watt, and the statement that in fact, no instructions for use of the lamp does not contain.


    The appearance of the lamp is very distinctive. She was black inside! Master used to think that the inner surface of the lamp should be reflective for maximum light penetration that will maximize the effect of drying, however, the opinion with the producer at odds – she’s black and that’s a fact. I hope that the manufacturer knows what he’s doing.

    I can say unequivocally that this decision had a positive impact on lamp design. Black and white interior with silver inlay in combination with a very compact form made this lamp is very cute, compact and at the same time very roomy inside. Black surface matte, white – glossy. The lamp is not easily soiled, not slippery, quality materials. Here, clearly, the ladder!

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    In the lamp is 36 LEDs with a total power of 48 watts. 9 on the side and 18 LEDs on the top. Looking ahead, saying that the location of the LEDs is very successful, problems when drying does not occur.

    On top of the lamp control buttons and digital display. This is another fine lamp design, the Board is under the plastic, and when the light is off, it is not visible.

    The back is a socket for connection of power supply 24 watts 220V. In my opinion, it is very convenient. When finished, the wizard turns the lamp off, remove the power supply wires do not get confused, etc.

    And of course a very important question for the masters – removable if the bottom?

    Yes, the bottom is removed. Easily be removed, fits very securely.

    On the lamp, but a silver insert no more adhesive surfaces, which clearly play a role in the subsequent operation. The lamp can be safely cleaned with a damp cloth and nothing will happen.

    Guide and functional

    If You are faced with this lamp for the first time, You will need to understand the functions of the lamp or to look for information… in my review )), because the statement is not informative.

    So, we have 4 buttons: 10 sec., 30 sec., 60 sec. and 99 seconds.

    Button and 99 seconds. signed by the two inscriptions (two functions): Low heat mode – the mode of the weak heating, Double power – double the power.

    With buttons 10, 30 and 60, everything is simple – clicking on them respectively received 10, 30, and 60 seconds after the lamp on full power (48W).

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    Button 99 sec.: clicking on it, get a work lamp for 120 seconds with a staged (3 stages) increase in power from 1/3 to full. This is done in order that a thick layer of gel began to rapidly heat up, which can lead to unpleasant sensations for your customer.

    During the validity of this function (120 sec. heating) you can switch the lamp power in one of two modes: Low heat mode – the mode of the weak heating and Double power – double the power by holding down the button and 99 seconds. for 2 seconds. I.e. the button is pressed, the lamp start to work, press and hold lamp switched mode. The regime of dual power, in fact, just so-called, in fact the lamp is turned on at full power – 48W.

    SMART 2.0

    Also, the lamp has a so-called smart mode – SMART 2.0. Handy thing. The lamp should sensor «a» hands in the lamp. If the lamp is off you move the arm, it will turn on and will work 120 seconds. Buttons 10, 30, 60 seconds t have memory. Hold any of the buttons for 2 seconds and then the next time you use enough to bring the hand inside the lamp. Aktiviziruyutsya the last mode, respectively for 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

    Review after a month of use

    With the lamp actually work very easy and convenient. Its main advantage is its power. There is no absolutely no problems neither in speed, nor as dry. Dries all types of paints, varnishes and pastes. Perhaps you can mention some excess capacity, it is necessary to dry some of the items for 3 seconds. Very good!

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    With this lamp the speed of the master is substantially reduced.

    The device is equipped with an overheat sensor that will shut off the lamp when reaching a certain temperature in the lamp mechanism, which no doubt will prolong the life of the product. I hope the lamp will last at least until the advent of new technologies in lamprotaenia ).

    The downside can be attributed, perhaps, only one – at the bottom of the bulb has no rubber feet, as a result, on the smooth surface of the table lamp slips. But this problem can easily be solved by sticking to the bottom of the rubbers, which are sold in stores with furniture fittings.

    Again, bought here.

    It’s all, good luck!