Ladies leather bag «over the shoulder» ludowego shade

Every girl has a weakness for buying beautiful handbags. And it does not matter, need that bag or not really.

I once thought that I had no small bag that can be worn over the shoulder, put phone, money and quietly go to walk or to go on business.

Bag I need was not urgent and I was willing to wait, so we decided to go on AliExpress and see the options of bags there. I, frankly, do not want too much money to spend on it and I found a great budget option for yourself.

I love the bags beautiful colors, not black, but more colors nadovich. My choice was made. I ordered a purse here on Aliexpress.

But this bag Zency presented and other sellers, as the model is quite popular.

At that time, the bag cost me 589 rubles. Went to me she about a month, I think it’s pretty fast, because some orders come to me much more. The more orders from this seller was not enough. You can say I risked, but all survived quite well.

Packed bag was in the usual postal package, in which usually pack the goods. Opening the package, I felt a slightly unpleasant smell from the new bags. But I want to say that wore off the smell very quickly.

So, next I started to inspect my bag. By the way, from the very beginning of it I liked, although I was expecting the size it will be a little bit more.


Specifically, my bag is a brown color as I ordered. The color is not uniform, and has a very beautiful marble effect looks interesting and not cheap.

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Write a review and simultaneously touch the purse Zency, because I also love tactile sensations. She has no visible roughness, very smooth and pleasant.


On the front of the bag beautiful element in the form of a metal crown. For half a year of my use, it lost a little of its original appearance, cover faded, there were scratches.

On the back there are no unnecessary elements no, and it’s good for me. The inside of the bag gray lining on the edges stitched with brown thread in the tone of the bags. It was a little loose threads, but I have them in the day of the receipt was quickly removed.

As for the strap… the Strap is made from the same material as the bag itself. Shoulder strap is adjustable and will fit for a little girl and for tall girls.

It stitched well, it’s protruding threads was not. The quality of his sewing I don’t like is the end treatment, or rather lack of it.

Zency fittings made of metal, covered with gold, which is well worn for half a year. Well what did you expect from the budget bags?

The only thing that failed, is accessories, but the quality of the fabric, internal treatment I liked, because during this time the fabric has not changed at all. Everything is fine.

Very good handbag, I think. Especially in the summer. Once again, took her here on this page on Aliexpress. I can advise her shoes loafer brand STQ and skirt Bella Philosophy.